Plays Like... Darksiders II

Need a bit of Death on the go? We suggest some action-adventure RPGs to fill that Darksiders II-shaped void in your life when you're out and about in the human realm!

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I see my school on the map ;D

Guess what school it is.


I thought the title said Darkstalkers 2 LOL.. I'm like.. where's Morrigan?!


only 1 android game in the bunch? and it's a clone? so apparently if you're an android user, you're just screwed. huh well thanks for that, gamespot. you know you could have mentioned the onlive app which would actually let you play the ORIGINAL darksiders on your phone/tablet....just saying

tempertress moderator staff

 @Nosnitsttam I know it sucks, I have an Android phone too. I do try really hard to find Android games for these segments but to be honest they are just literally not being made. At least not yet. They are pretty much all clones too, no designer sets out to make an Android exclusive mobile game in my experience. It's not because I'm pro-iOS (I don't even own an iOS device). 


Also, @Kevin-V and @J4m3sR4n0r72 are correct, this show is just for mobile games that play like said console/PC game, it doesn't include online.


- Jess

Kevin-V moderator staff

 @Nosnitsttam That's not what this feature is, or ever has been, about. This is about actual mobile games that have similar features and gameplay to major console or PC releases. We didn't mention OnLive because it isn't what "Plays Like" is.