Perfect Dark - Cloaked Foes Gameplay Movie

A player takes down a special security team.

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I am an old veteran of this game from when it was on the Nintendo 64 and I have got to say the game hasn't looked better. But I also got to say this the people in these videos are the most squarely amatures I have ever seen. Honestly dont run around in an area firing off a gun like a crazed lunatic thats only going to get every guard in the building piling up on top of you faster than water out of a broken dam and worse will cause someone with half a brain to hit the alarm then game over because thats the mission ruined. Oh and a bit of advice try to draw them away from area's were they are going to manage to raise the alarm and make every shot count and most of all never waste amo like there is no limit to the amount you have because there is. Now that I have said my peace I should definetly say to use windows when dealing with cloacks they bend light and if the light bends a bit more then they become as visable as a lantern in a pich black room. Thats the advice you should remember. Oh and another thing if you want to keep a low profile then use the falcan 2 with the silencer that way they wont hear you so easy as long as the others dont fire before you get them. Ah to those who were doing the shooting I sugest visiting the firing range since Im thinking of coming back to the game since your terrible shooting got my blood pumping. P.S. If your enemys are all bunched up and you have an extra explosive then start the party with a bang.