PAX 2011: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - Sandbox Mode Trailer

In Sandbox mode, players can explore the casinos, restaurants, malls, and new Uranus Zone that make up Fortune City without the obstacle of time.

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    the time limit was the onlything i didnt like about the series


    This game looks Fan-tastic!


    I personally value real gameplay over mini games. I hope more time was spent on the main game over this for a $40 price tag. I might be alone in thinking this but I wasn't really a big Terror Is Reality fan but loved the DR2 story mode.


    @Davi11111111111 I agree, ya know the funny thing is Dead Rising had better frame rate and graphics then Dead Rising 2...mainly because the first game was developed in house so I'm guessing they used a variant of the MTframework engine the second game was developed by blue castle and god knows what terrible engine it was running on...sigh* why couldn't capcom just let blue castle work on a modified version of their engine!?


    HHOOLLLLLYYYY!!! I can't believe it, Sandbox!! Finally free roaming with zombie!!


    Finally they added this mode the only problem about it is like 80% of the game going to be all recycled things from DR2 I dont want to pay the money to just play as frank with a little story twist it would be better if they just made an add on if its like that :( it still looks good though :)


    looks great


    @punksterdaddy:Yes. It's going to be released in stores in an actual case, so it's more than DLC but less than a full length game. It will probably be a 5-10 hour story mode.


    Looking fwd to this version after the disappointment of Case West... Still though, I am still curious at if this is a full retail game or not? Since the price is a mere £24.99?


    uhh no time but all those missions were timed??


    uhm... looks good, but I would rather see an HD version of the original Dead Rising on PC,Ps3, and X360. With more zombies (thousands!), some new bosses, and a bigger area to explore. Like put the mall and some suburban areas. Put 5 new boss fights and bring on more zombies and combo weapons and better resolution/physics


    yep should be good.


    Only 1 year late...


    Nice! This mode will make the game alot better.