PAX 2008: Intervew with Gabe and Tycho

Mike and Jerry AKA Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade answer our questions about PAX!

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    "It's not even that we're so awesome, it's that everyone else is an idiot." So true. A lot of professionals seem to have no idea what they're doing and just got lucky by imitating what has worked for others, but these guys actually understand how to make something that's real quality and hilarious without resorting to cheap, no-brained methods like having a shark eat their logo for no reason at all.


    Whoa! Looks like a personality VOID right there. I guess they put all their charm into their strips and left none for themselves. @jeffkretz No, it's not how you define a loser. You make it sound like losers are incapable of being successful, where more accurately the majority of successful people probably are losers.


    @stepat201 Let's see, successful business, making good money, respected by many, married, kids, head of their own gaming convention. Is THAT how you define a loser?


    They kinda seem like losers in real life. Shame since their comic is so funny.


    Hmm, I've been a fan of Penny Arcade for quite a while, but never actually saw their faces before now. After watching this I can't seem to get the word "pretentious" out of my head. I'll try to go on reading their comics as if I never saw their real-life alter-egos.


    Hurray! Thank you Gamespot! : ) *tear in my eye* Mike and Jerry are living the life for us! Gaming life style and promoting it saying "I like to game and I am not dysfunctional! Well mostly" lol Fight the good fight guys! : P


    Penny Arcade is wonderful. They have been able to be successful and attract a huge fan base without becoming too commercial. They claim to only advertise for games they could some what recommend to their readers and for the most part qualify many of those choices in their daily posts. As long as they don't "sell out" just to get more and more money I think it's very possible they will continue to be viewed as legit. I have been a fan for about 8 years and I still enjoy the strip and the posts.


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    Dudes... At the beginning of the comic, the characters of the comic wasn't supposed to be alter-egos. After a few time they became. Is just simple.


    holie crap they suck in person, almost as stale as their game haha thank goodness their strip is funny.


    them and their fictitious characters look nothing alike. but they're still bad ass.


    ..okay i thought those dudes at least looked '' alike '' their character counterparts. It's just weird now that they picture themselves has the gabe and tycho characters.


    Mike and Jerry, just utter awesome in mortal form!


    Just stop with the golf stuff...Your fans don't care.


    Now I know I'd never reconize them on the street.


    woah i never knew he was bald...


    I love them boys!