Opening up the world of Bless

GameSpot's Jonathan Toyad speaks with the producer of NeoWiz's upcoming MMORPG about its graphics and whether it will bring new things on the genre's table. For our recap of G-Star 2012, head here:

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    Lol, It looks like Lineage, Aion, Panzer Dragon all in one. Looks rather fun :)


    fantastic great great BLESS many many thanks for work only on pc games


    Well it looks decent enough.


    Just can't get into the point and click thing...


    @Lyryck It is point and click, what's the problem? I don't see how its any different / less or better than a gamepad other than the physicality of the control scheme. We all become mindless zombies playing a game in the end. Forgive me, I play both and I don't see any difference between them. Point and Click is the same as D-Pad Stick and Press Button.


    @Lyryck Well then I would hope that you never got into the Bli****d games, any of them for that matter, or your statement becomes completely meaningless.


    @tgwolf Didn't understand your reply, sorry.


    @Lyryck Ultimately, every game is point and click. FPS is nothing but point and click made good.


    @gabriel_dutra Moving a mouse pointer over some boxes is not the same for the player, it is outdated by any standard, time for game creators to not only work on graphics but step up the overall process of gameplay proper. Why deny it, are you truly happy with having boxes to click? Nevermind, I already know the answer...


    @Lyryck This is not Point and click man, is like Tera, C9, vindictus etc... Action style


    @hhrocha000 Point and click boxes is what I saw, call it what you will, it is how the game is played and I'm not into it. Go and click your boxes and call it action if you like, fine by me o.O


    @Lyryck i saw rhis game not here in gamespot, The have like Tera you can play with mouse (point and click) and Action, this game is focusing in action although you have Point and click


    I liked what I saw. The graphics are awesome and it seems nice to play. Nothing new, nothing revolutionary, but what genre has been revolutionary? I think will have to stick with what they throw at us until something REALLY nice appears. Or play less videogames. I play less and less videogames each year, because all games looks quite the same to me.


    Is there anything unique or different about this game at all? I used to love the MMO genre, it has so much potential, but its just gotten so stagnant. One crappy grindathon after another, each just slightly prettier than the last.


    I saw the giant axe thats usually a sign for fail.


    Is this 'yet another mmo' going to try to compete with the others in terms of depravity and lewdness? All that assuming it had anything original and novel to offer f2p gamers...


    It looks like tera to me


    Im having my doubts about ever seeing an original MMORPG on PC.

    Maybe the initial designs or feeling developers get when desigining a MMO is restricted due to keyboard/mouse. Like it must be played a certain way. Point, click, quickbar, macros....yawn. Hoping to see one day a hardcore MMO focus around live action. Im sure if a good company made a console exclusive MMORPG in mind it would rock.

    Its like RTS on PC. Point click, drag, etc. It works great. Using that method sucks on console. But as Kingdom under fire proved, consoles can play an RTS successfully, just dont use the keyboard/mouse feature.


    @grove12345 This sounds more like console favoritism. If you use any control scheme and explain it just like you did for the PC, any control scheme would look boring. Now what is live action? Using a gamepad? Its the same thing, except its streamlined into fewer buttons and more UI scrolling using the sticks. The only "excitement" you'd ever get from any kind of control scheme is psychological, which sums up to.. You just trick yourself that one way is more "action" oriented than the other, which it isn't.


    @grove12345 Don't forget Brutal Legends. That game did RTS controls pretty well.


    Just more of the same.


    Its good that Jonathan brought up the combat system and that they addressed it. It is really poor and boring looking.

    That was one of the most chilled vids I've seen of Jonathan, I like it. Keep doin it like that.


    Looks good I'll be following this one.


    Wait is that a 3rd person action-adventure-MMORPG?

    I mean it reminded me of Dragon's Dogma on that part that 3 heroes jump over the hill and the part he shoots arrows at a dragon.

    Is this point and click like Dragon Age?

    or a 3d person action controlls? like DMC, Dragon's Dogma, Demon's Souls, Bayonetta etc..

    If this is indeed a 3rd person (back view) action adventure game, with free-flow combat mechanics like Dark Souls but with MMO elements - this might be a ground breaking game.

    what do you think?


    @GunEye it just another grindfest point & click with graphics man


    So you get someone to record a translation and keep in all the "er"s and "um"s. Well done.


    @RuthlessRich a korean err, um's are different from English. It'd sound really funny if you keep korean err's and ums :)


    interested until he said MMO then just tuned out...


    @pelvist @Nightrain50 MMOs aren't for everyone: they've brought nothing new to the table since WoW, the ones that do have at the very best interesting combat, but it does nothing to hide the utter lack of story or character depth. It's hours and hours of mindless grinding until you reach the level to do dungeons and raids, which are entertaining for a while, but once they're done it's just hours and hours of grinding in hopes of getting the phat l00t. It's like Apple products, shallow, expensive, but it has a religion-like following.


    @pelvist @Nightrain50 It's definitely based off of, but it's not developped on. Dishonored has a story, Assasin's Creed has a story, Dragon Age has a story. An MMO story is a vague storyline buried under "kill 10 goblins, then kill 10 angry goblins, then kill 10 red goblins, then kill the goblin boss" sidequests, rinse & repeat. There's a lore, but it's only seen through the artstyle. Just because you see monsters and characters from, say, asian mythology, doesn't mean there's an actual story behind it. The story behind an MMO is about as deep as the story behind a MOBA.


    Funny game I can't stop to play it!


    reminds me of aion...


    For heaven's sake, make a single player campaign too!

    I don't understand what it is with game developers and online based games that makes them devote all their efforts to such games! As far as I know they don't sell as much copies as the single player based ones.

    Well, I guess their just too lazy to create the NPCs or randomly generate different in-game characters.


    Looks pretty but... so did TERA and FFXIV...


    Something worth following and staying tuned on... looks great. level design looks a bit plain, but than again not much was shown and there is still lot more to work on here.

    P.S.Has anyone else noticed how weirdly the other guy is blinking?


    Why cant Gamespot interviewers ever ask the questions people want to know...of course the classes are going to be different....why ask that? I would of prefered to know if the game was pve only or pvp and if so how is the system different than other mmos, stuff like that....but no...instead theres generic nonsense questions...


    It looks beautiful... Kinda like how FF14 was supposed to be... Will definately keep an eye on this.


    Also looks like the guy in the FF14 trailer jumped into this one as well O.o


    The game looks REALLY REALLY good. Not just graphics - but the art style is mindblowing. Seriously. I dont think i've ever seen something this pretty in an MMO. It is a perfect blend between fantastic otherworldly and medieval feudalism. Lets hope it plays as well as it looks.




    *sigh* Korean games are always so beautiful. Now if only they would make a game that wasn't grindy and was actually playable by western standards.


    I hope they don't stick with the crappy point-and-click style combat. An MMO with graphics like this deserves a proper combat system.


    @GhostOfSparta4 - Ditto! That's the main reason I haven't played an MMO yet. I want an actual twitch-based combat system. Maybe something like Dark Souls or maybe Skyrim, Are there any MMOs out there like that? I've actually had my eye on Phantasy Star Online 2. In every video I've found for it, it comes off like a single player game with real time twitch combat. Even guns!

    As far as having Skyrim-type combat, that leads me to a new question: Why do all MMOs have to be in 3rd person? Why is it so hard to make a game exactly like Skyrim, only with a much bigger world and multiplayer?


    @shantd @GhostOfSparta4 have you tried firefall yet? twitch based futuristic fps mmo shooter. there's no loot system and the whole thing's in beta but they have a good idea of what they want to do as an mmo. there's crafting, a horizontal levelling system, a pvp arena mode, just check out their site.

    or you could try planetside 2 as an fps but it just seems like a gigantic battlefield map to me so if that's your thing you can try that. or you could wait for defiance which is another twitch futuristic mmo shooter set in a dystopian world.

    got no games with a twitch based fantasy fps but TERA is a twitch based fantasy 3ps


    @shantd @aniforprez Try Darkfall, it's basically an Elder Scrolls MMO. It's made by a small Greek company so the first version of the game wasn't too great, but they're having a re-release soon and it looks promising. A word of warning though, don't mind the forum trolls, they don't represent the community.


    @aniforprez @GhostOfSparta4 - Great suggestions, thanks! I'm not looking for a FPS/MMO, I'd like for it to be first person, but not necessarily a shooter.

    Basically like Skyrim, same game but with a massive map and coop/PVP.

    Have you seen videos for Phantasy Star Online II?


    No way my pc will run that.