On the Spot 12/06/07

We celebrate 11 years of Jeff Gerstmann while addressing issues concerning the state of GameSpot. If that's not enough (and we know it's not), we've got Schizoid, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, and more, all packed into a monstrous On the Spot!

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About On the Spot

On the Spot is GameSpot\'s Live 1-hour variety show. Chris Watters and Tom McShea bring you the latest video game demos, news and GameSpot original content every Thursday, 11-12pm PST.

Schedule: weekly


AWKWAAARD!!! :P It's weird to see Alex and Brad there, though. I can't say I felt real emotion from Ryan McDonald. He seemed to be feigning sadness. Also, what happened to all the comments that were posted here? Were they deleted when they redesigned the site?


Long live Giant Bomb!