On the Spot - 07/10/08

This week we gear up for E3 2008 with several exclusive trailers and demos of games such as Gears of War 2, Disgaea 3, The Force Unleashed, Far Cry 2, and much more!

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    far cry 2 gears of war 2 mk vs dc cod world at war fallout 3 this is going to be the best 2 months in gaming EVER!!!!!!!!(october,november)


    gears of wars 2 will rock and F u


    this game SUCKS


    Damn it, I can't watch it!


    Far cry 2 is going to rock!! f gears of whores...dumb epic and their horribly generic ut3 engine.


    Disgaea 3 freakin Rocks...being new to the series, I haven't had this much fun in a rpg for years stayed up til 4am when i got it had to go to work at 8am!...damn 360 fanboy's asking for multiplayer...not all games need multiplayer! The game is deep very deep...its about time! The gameplay makes up for the graphics, but that said the graphics aren't bad...not every game needs to be super 3d shader model3, bumpmapping etc.. The sprite graphics for the characters are fine, there are 100's of characters and weapons etc..more good content is better then better graphics with less content. This game also is $10 less then regualar new releases so $50 is what you pay for this new..its a great game! Give it a chance and buy it!


    this link is broken!! get it fixed Gamespot!!