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Shaun gets Peter to test out the Oculus Rift in order to answer all your questions about it. Will he get sick? Find out!

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    Minecraft with OR!! The ultimate gaming experience!!!!! xD


    @Abelius They've got Minecraft with the OR. It's not officially implemented, but modded in and works extremely well. It's called "Minecrift".


    The only real issue I want to know more about is just how bad the 'screen door' effect will really be on high resolution games. With your face so close to the screen, each pixel will have a little black border around it, creating the impression that you are viewing everything through a screen door. Granted, the current dev kits are all low resulotion, but even with 2x the res, it will still be a problem. Everything else about the OR looks great, except the resolution. It's the main limiter for me. It's possible that I may have to hold back until a higher resolution screen is developed, but I don't want to wait that long =( .


    @Falzonn It depends on pixel density. Resolution is a component of that, but pixel orientation and structure will also factor in very heavily. The screen door effect is actually minimal enough in the second dev kit that many people use the DK2 exclusively to play certain games. Sim racers can actually use it competitively now, whereas, with the DK1, the resolution was too low.

    The consumer version is rumored to be 1440p or greater. It's confirmed that it will be greater than 1080p. The screen door effect will very likely be no issue at all in the consumer version. Not saying there won't be some slightly visibility of a "screen door," but it's not going to take away from gaming or VR experiences. Even the DK2 right now is playable, comfortable, and compelling with games compared to the Dk1.

    If the resolution bugs you, don't buy a developer's kit. Wait for the consumer release which will likely be some time in the next 15 months.


    Oculus Rift will never be officially supported on consoles. VR will come soon enough, but Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo make hardware. Why would they support Oculus Rift when they already have existing technology that could do precise head tracking?

    They're just waiting to see if the interest in VR is real this time.


    @PS2fweak if gamers like it and it sells more games, they will support it. as far as OR makes progress right now i'm actually pretty sure this will become a thing.

    there where VR glasses that failed but this seems just right.


    It could happen yes, lock up your pets it's time to play some occulas rift!


    This thing looks awesome, but I've been wondering about a control scheme. Like, if you sitting down how do you make your character turn 360? In general, how would you even move a character? With the head movement effectively replacing the mouse in an FPS for looking around it would feel obsolete to be using WASD to walk. Maybe a Wii-style nunchuck or something. But for real immersion they will need a peripheral like the gun that a female tester was using in the video. Even then I'm not sure how the movement controls would work without feeling clunky. Maybe couple the headset and gun with a Dance Dance Revolution pad, heheh.


    @Buck_Swaggler Yes you are right - keyboard is a bit crap with the current setup! The Razer Hydra is one answer to the problem http://www.razerzone.com/gb-en/gaming-controllers/razer-hydra

    And then there is the Virtuix Omni for movement http://www.virtuix.com/

    Obviously you need the space and of course - all this kit does start to add up. Still, a control pad works OK for most stuff.

    And any flight/space sim is sorted as long as you have a stick with enough programmable buttons - the Saitekx52 is a good example of one of these.


    The guy at 2:04 looks like a fat Matthew Fox from Lost !


    Oculus rift 64 bit graphics, console exclusive.

    Cost 329.99 for PS3

    £450 for Xbox One


    @Keitha313 from wikipedia:
    According to Oculus, game integration will begin with PCs and smartphones and be followed by consoles (much later)."


    @Keitha313 console exclusive? don't think so. hawken which is being shown here is currently Pc only...


    i think it needs some time for more testing if it will effect the eyes or nerve system for some period of hours of gaming


    @PCsama The optics are such that the eyes are focused on "infinity." It's likely that this device will be a lot healthier than traditional displays, like TVs and monitors, in this regard.


    Ouya, Oculus Rift, nVidia Shield, GAMESTICK not to mention Wii U, PS4, and the XBONE...are we on the verge of a repeat of the 1983 video game crash...aka ATARI SHOCK? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbeP_mdezeM


    @WraistlinGill If there is one to be soon, the only thing that will crash is the spiralling triple-A industry. How the hell are Ouya and Shield going to contribute significantly to a market crash? You definitely sound like a qualified analyst.


    @WraistlinGill the market is over saturated. However, people only care about Xbox, PS, Wii, and PC.


    What is the native resolution of the Oculus Rift and how is it to use with glasses and far farsightedness?


    @cynicalundead The only available versions of the Rift are the two development kits. The latest, DK2, is a pentile, AMOLED 1080p display clocked at 75Hz. Glasses can be worn with it, but they are relatively uncomfortable. The consumer version will probably accommodate glasses much better. Furthermore, the lenses are designed to accommodate those with common vision problems, so you might not have to use your glasses at all in the Rift.

    The optics in the Rift have you focused on "infinity," so if you see distant things well without your glasses, you likely won't need them in the Rift.


    I hope not. Consoles ruin everything.


    @AggrandizedUser You can wear some glasses with Oculus Rift or at least you could with earlier models. They had an adjustment for how close the screens are to your eyes to allow room for glasses to be worn.


    If Oculus Rift really picks up then we could see support for it on the consoles, though with how proprietary they tend to be it may not come to them.


    @Toysoldier34 The consoles will not likely support a device like that without having some sort of major stake in it.


    @Toysoldier34 @merrickx Ha, makes sense. I clear out my email about this time every year, and probably got confused as to what were recent messages, and which were old.


    @Kristan1711 @Vojtass Pretty sure everyone is going to make their own version now that this one is so popular. Whether it's better or not, well we are just going to have to wait and see.


    I wonder how long until they make the screens 3D, that would be insane.


    @LightEffect They are true stereo 3D... They don't look like the 3D you see in theaters... it looks like real life. The game worlds have size and scale, and you can tell how large or small, near or far objects are.


    @AggrandizedUser Probably have to get some contacts or something. It be neat if they had replaceable lenses. I wear glasses for reading and gaming so I want to know too.


    I love my TrackIR......you do get the same kind of experience with TrackIR, sort of. Just wish more games would support it, looking at you BF4

    3D does not really work for me, so dont know how effected Oculus will be for me, thats why i love my TrackIR :-)


    @TERMINATOR-SSD 3D in the Rift will even work for people without vision in one of their eyes. The parallax 3D, as a product of the positional tracking, and combined with the entire scene being in focus, foreground to background, is giving people with no depth perception in real life, true 3D in the Rift. Some blind people literally see better in the Rift, so to speak.

    Also, Track IR is great and all, but for the most part, does not match the Rift/VR experience in the slightest.. totally different leagues.


    @TERMINATOR-SSD TrackIR is cool but a main problem is you still need to look at the screen so when you look sideways you need to look at the screen out of the corner of your eyes so this will hopefully fix that one issue.


    @TERMINATOR-SSD The difference with the Rift to a 3D screen is that you are actually looking into the world as you do naturally every day. You actually FEEL like you are really there - you get a real sense of scale and depth.

    With a 3D screen you still see everything around you and you are focused down narrowly on this rectangular object. A big building only looks big because it is next to something that you know the size of - like a human character.

    With the Rift you are actually STANDING next to this building. You know it is big because you have to look right up at it - it makes YOU feel tiny!

    You don't have to suspend belief, or wait to get drawn into the story or action - just put the goggles on Wham! You are there - you believe!

    ps. I love my TrackIR too and it actually does something the rift currently doesn't - positional tracking. This will be apparently added to the consumer version. There are however hacks for this with open-track and a web cam or PlayStation eye (or the move) if you want to add the support to the dev kit.



    The 3D in the Rift is the most natural and impressive I have seen. It doesn't have all the cross-talk that you get with 3D on a flat 2D monitor or TV.


    @Kristan1711 @Vojtass


    Oh, that's right, you're full of crap.


    No offense, but that was a pretty weak breakdown of the Oculus Rift. I could have answered any one of those questions with more depth, and I'm not a journalist. Granted I've followed every piece of information since it was announced last summer, but you guys really mailed this one in.


    @plasticreality You don't expect much from certain sites, like this one and some similar others, but while expectations are typically low anyway, I was not expecting this video to be this lacking.

    Like, the DK2 just released, and even a cursory, 10-minute glance on the forums etc., would land you way more content that could be put into this video. This was like an extremely non-committal, low effort piece.


    4:26 "Envio - For You". That was an odd coincidence...


    I hope not.

    It will dumb down the product.


    amnesia with oculus rift, yes yes yes. make this happen!


    Why would he want to play a third person game in the oculus, the whole point is to play a first person game


    @SebTheGreatS No, it's not the point at all. VR opens a ton of new doors to games mechanics and experiences.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYvwMd4JCIM - Tower defense and RTS type games

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5QqxqH_gY0 - more third-person

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ7KFJLVJyQ#t=21 - dungeon crawlers, MOBAs, RTS etc.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3EvrYXJ67o - Resogun? Imagine being in the cylindrical layout, and the ships all having massive scale

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AASlSDJq8E - this video demonstrates a ton of crazy ways a simple arcade cabinet can be used in VR

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcFQ5sQIwRs#t=1013 - Lucky's Tale. Like Super Mario 64. Imagine you are the Lakitu camera

    Look here. Even if you can't actually get VR implementation into the game, you can run the games in virtual environments! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6QB87mFbng and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_ccpGmUAP8#t=406


    @SebTheGreatS Pretty sure any game would look good in VR, much more immersive.



    Not really. 3rd person games actually work pretty well in VR.



    "One of the things that really amazed me while working on vorpX was (and is) how well third-person games work on a Rift-like headset, since that is totally counterintuitive at first thought. Due to the way the ingame camera rotates around a fixed target point in third-person this shouldn't work at all, or at least feel very strange. But somehow it does work, and pretty well as far as I’m concerned."



    @kalipekona @SebTheGreatS I assumed with 3rd person games that if you looked to the right then youre character would not be on the screen, which would obviously be very strange


    Nice video here because there definitely needs to be more inventive technology.


    I'd like to play Alan Wake with the OR.



    Great game, and that would be a lot of fun in the Rift.


    i don't think it will be on consoles because you will probably be able to use it for more than just gaming and lets face it gaming and watching movies sre all consoles are good for so i doubt it.


    old school thief games for me!


    Peter Brown is the coolest dude in the history of cool dudes.


    A game like 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' on this...

    Well, the world is overpopulated as it is. We could do with losing a few.


    I think it will feel akward to be immersed in a virtual world and still have to control your fingers in this world to manage the keybord or the remote. That in particular might mess with my brain. :P


    @Slade968 @TigusVidiks That thing is inaccurate, very restricted and tied to preconfigured gestures. It's not a very compelling device for VR. Control VR however, is amazing, though the cost is a bit prohibitive.


    hmm, I just don't get it ............................


    @vivalatourIt's like describing food to someone - in the end you just have to try it. It's a completely different experience.

    Nothing else currently can make your stomach actually drop when going over a precipice or make your legs go wobbly (for real) when teetering on a super high ledge.

    Or the very real feeling of scale and size when walking down a street and looking up at the massive buildings. Space games are just unreal - dog-fighting in War Thunder is just utterly mad!

    It's just one of those things, it gets compared to something else or just older technology when the facts are.... there is nothing else quite like it.

    Unfortunately it's an abstract proposition until you've given it a go! I recommend at some point (if you can) that you do.


    @jdolleyart @cerealzateu You already can - I have a Rift and it works OK with a bit of tweaking! This is a free driver and list of games it supports (Skyrim included) http://vire.io/ Also search YouTube for "skyrim oculus rift" to see loads of vids...


    @quiksilvers123 I meant you can already play Skyrim with the rift... Yea, console support hasn't been mentioned anywhere.


    I would like to play Skyrim with Oculus Rift...

    Hope it comes to next gen consoles too.


    @jdolleyart signed!


    thats cool


    No, Oculus Rift will be PC exclusive. And that is a good news.


    Failed gadget,there is nothing super! Will never be popular because its super expensive for such a crap, support only 2 games also!


    @666NightsInHell Even some of the harshest skeptics changed their minds once they tried it, it's surging in popularity because it actually delivers compelling experiences, and you can pick one up for the cost of a month or two of a new smartphone, so I don't know where you get the idea that it's "expensive." It costs the same as upper-tier gaming GPUs, of which, more than a dozen million people buy quite frequently.


    @666NightsInHell You're a little late with that comment as there's already a ton of games that work with just the dev kit - check here to see a growing list: http://www.riftenabled.com/

    Also EVERY major developer has signed up offering support. I've got the dev kit and can say already that it is a freaking awesome experience playing using the rift!


    @gamemaven @The_J3ster @666NightsInHell Put it this way - although the resolution of the dev unit is low enough that you can actually see the individual pixels that make up the screen - the immersive quality was so believable that I actually fell over while I was standing up on a rollorcoaster demo?!! My body just reacted to the swift turns and dips as if I were on the real thing.

    Playing Half Life 2 & Elder Scrolls is awesome and when the Hi Def version comes out I will NOT want to play these types of games on a normal monitor again! Games like strike suit zero are just AMZING already - any game where you are in a fixed position works just great.

    So yea - the answer is YES, you feel like you are part of the game and when the resolution and pixel density of the screen is increased it will be unreal!!


    I'm still betting on a Oculus Rift Steam Box bundle with Half-Life 3 and it remaining a Steam/PC exclusive for a while.

    Certainly be interesting to play some horror games with this but I wouldn't mind trying out the Deus Ex series with the Oculus Rift, been immersed in that setting must be mind blowing & of course Skyrim 0_0


    when I stare into the sun my eyes feel more burny than tired



    Yeah, but the amount of energy being put out by the sun is many many times greater than a small LCD screen. Your eyes won't burn looking at the Rift any more than they would staring at a normal monitor or TV. Less, in fact, since the screen is so much smaller and the amount of lumens is lower.

    The main strain that happens from using a monitor or tv is simply due to staring at the same focal depth for long periods of time. This won't be a problem with the Rift, so it will probably be better for your eyes than using a standard 2D display.


    @kalipekona @JetSetWally Absolutely correct - the rift uses lenses that are focused to infinity which means that your eyes are in fact at total resting position while viewing the screen. In effect LESS of a strain than looking at a normal monitor!


    Still young technology,but definitely cool...i imagine playing skyrim with it.If so called sickness and various annoyances will be eliminated and every aspect perfected and made as simple as possible then a thing this is the future controller "can not play without " that is here today.


    Pretty sure Sony and M$ are working on their own headsets.


    I would love to have this thing on the ps4, I've been eager for VR for years...
    So eager as a matter of fact, that if this thing won't make it to the PS4 or Xbox, I will not buy a next gen console, and insted go back to pc...



    If VR is as important to you as it is to me I honestly think you are better off getting a gaming PC.

    The consoles will probably have VR support down the line, but there are several reasons that it will be an inferior implementation.

    First of all, games in VR need to be running at 60fps in stereo 3D with a wide field of view, while most console games are going to be running at 20 to 30fps with a small field of view and no stereo 3D. This means that you won't be getting those same next gen visuals in VR on consoles. Only the PC will be able to handle something like, say, the Infiltrator demo running at 60fps in stereo 3D with a very wide FOV.

    Also, the mod and indie scenes on PC are going to be exciting places for VR. So many cool things are going to come out of that.

    Then you have the adult content, if you are into that sort of thing, that will only be available on the PC and not on consoles.

    Another thing to consider is that graphical anomalies like screen tearing, jaggies and pop-in are much more noticeable and immersion-breaking in VR than they are on a 2D screen. The PC gives you much more power to limit or eliminate these visual bugaboos.


    WWE, in 1st person, make it happen 2K. FIFA in 1st person. Fight Night in first person. UFC in 1st person.

    So many possibilities. Horror games might be a bit much. Silent Hill 2 and Amnesia in 1st person like this, would most likely make people actually go insane. For real.


    will this work with someone with a lazy eye? Because you will need to look into both screens for it to work correctly


    @Bopinstein Yes. In fact, some people with visual impairments, especially related to depth perception, sometimes see better in the Rift than in real life, so to speak. There are also applications being made to help correct/treat diplopia and other such similar ailments.


    @Bopinstein It's already capable of changing the spacing between both sides of the display (for people with their eyes far apart), I think in the future retail versions it'll be fairly simply to offset your left eye display a little to the right or left if you need it.


    Nah, this is kinda the PC only thingy. Like I care, but push PC gaming.


    There's no reason why we shouldn't see Oculus rift's on home consoles, with either kinect or ps move camera's would make it even better, a horror game, any game, really with motion controls, would be awesome, and really add to any games exp, imo...


    a game like Crackdown would be fun if the OR could actually make me think I was super fast, strong, and could leap over skyscrapers...but a survival-horror game w/ co-op would be fun too tho...


    If the interest continues with VR, Microsoft and Sony will definitely have their own proprietary versions, just like they did with motion controls. In fact, their motion control technologies could actually make a better(more precise) VR headset.

    Kinect could work especially well because of the full body tracking.



    It's HIGHLY unlikely that MS or Sony could develop a better VR headset than a dedicated VR company like Oculus can achieve.

    Especially not at an affordable price. If MS or Sony do decide to go that route I can virtually guarantee you that they will want the device to be as cheap as possible. They don't want an accessory that costs nearly as much as the console itself. This means that they will have to cut corners and when you consider that Oculus is already way ahead of them, it becomes pretty silly to think that a console centered VR headset would be superior.

    Oculus's VR hardware on PC will also continue to advance and there will almost certainly be more advanced versions of the Rift released periodically. This wouldn't happen on a console. One, because the consoles don't have the graphical grunt to handle ever greater display resolutions and other technical advancements. Two, because it would cause too much confusion for consumers expecting standardized console peripherals. If they do create VR headsets it will be much like the Move or Kinect in which there is one single standard device that is supported throughout thhe console generation.

    In any case, Kinect is also available on the PC, as well as several other motion tracking devices.


    I'm usually all for technology advancing, and I am pretty excited for this thing. My only problem is it sounds almost too good, like sensory overload, PTSD type overload. Especially with the horror type stuff that Shaun was talking about. Also, I can definitely see the Rift being the next target when it comes to video games and violence. Not that I think video games are the cause, because I personally don't at all, but with something like this that basically puts you in another world, it's the perfect poster boy for criticism. I'm more excited for the non-gaming aspect, such as rafting down the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. That would be amazing.


    @gpm23 So true. I could not be more excited about this but the politicians are going to come after it. They might have good reason. From what I tried, the level of immersion is like nothing I've ever felt before. It is completely surreal. Something like that could gear people towards greater displays of violence.

    Personally, I don't care to worry about it because the prospect of playing my favorite games on this is too damn exciting. Also, like you said, the non gaming applications have so much potential.


    I want to know what changed peoples minds ? VR's are for the making game world more realistic right ?

    Nobody wants perfect / good graphics / worlds even the psychics in games and says we are playing games we dont want to become too realistic if it becomes too real we cant play it , cant even look at the screen makes us sick etc.

    What happened and suddenly people started to want more realistic Gaming experience ?

    I also saw yesterday that "Omni" space platform thing and people were excited about it.

    People didnt even understands how Kinect can change gaming habits in good way and hating it but excited about a space platform in middle of livingrooms.


    @arqeOne of the things is we now have a convergence of technology. PC's with the capability of delivering high end graphics with high frame rates and low latency to a device that is relatively low cost and that has (will have) high quality screens with a wide field of view.

    On top of that we have most of the top game companies promising content that supports the Rift. Then we have media distribution with sites like this and YouTube that are actively showing people having a great time with the device - that's compelling marketing!

    A lot of people want a kind of Start Trek `Holo-Deck' experience - and this is so far the closest thing to it... and it's good, even at this stage!

    It's not necessarily about delivering a delivering a more realistic Gaming experience as opposed to a more IMMERSIVE experience (although the two do tend to go hand in hand).

    The thing with Kinect is that nobody was really yelling out for someone to bring gesture control to gaming. Now the world wasn't exactly screaming for VR either, BUT... Ask most people if they would like to be placed DIRECTLY into middle of their fav game, to see and experience it as if they were really there - then I think most would say - hell yea!

    That's a bit more compelling that being told you can wave your hands and dance about in front of your screen. Not putting Kinect down or anything - it's just a different value proposition.

    That is why (in my opinion) the Rift and VR in general is now getting the attention you see.