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Join Jonathan and Randy as they dive head-first into a crowd of Marvel Heroes, a free-to-play Diablo-like MMO!

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    Looks liek diablo 3 or is it just me?


    I think every time a re-hashed game comes out, I will reference FarCry 3 by saying, "Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?" . Maybe one day, the developers will realize what is meant by this and make something new instead of expecting the same old crap to wow the audience.

    tl;dr: this game is complete crap - good thing it's free.


    Also on the main page, it's listed in the top 10, and when you mouse over it, it says it's available for pc, ps3, and xbox 360, I assume this is a typo, as it's only PC yeah?


    I like this game, but it crashes all the time for me, and I'm stuck with The Thing, I'm told more character's will drop, but i'm level 26 and still nothing, and I'm not about to pay 20 dollars so i can play as a different x-man character...hopefully they fix the crashes, there's no reason this game needs more than 4 gigs of RAM, the graphics are mediocre at best.


    I just started playing this game and it does seem cool.. But I hate that it doesn't auto-attack on click like almost every MMO. For ex: I'm using hawkeye, a ranged character, so I gotta click the guys moving/running around to keep hitting him or let em get close for simple firing which of course is dumb. So far I only use the [shift] attack setup cause I can actually attack at a nice fast rate.. No one else found this to be a downfall???


    I've been enjoying the hell out of this game.




    Does anyone know if this will be coming to the PS4 or XB1?


    Great game! I can't stop plying it. I have an X360 and PS3 but this game has been eating up all of my gaming time since it launched. It really does an awesome job of capturing the Marvel atmosphere and personality of the characters. One cool feature is that you can zoom into the action unlike Diablo 3. Also the autogroup option makes teaming up easy. The game is stable and does not have high requirements and looks great. I give it a 9.4


    cant get e3 preview can somebody help me


    I found the game fun, if not terribly deep. And please stop whining about buying characters: I unlocked my first character 5 minutes into the game! Besides, the Thing is one of my favorite characters anyway. It's not the GOTY but it's a worthy free diversion.


    This was an extremely mediocre game. Nothing really stood out, the power upgrade system felt very outdated, finding new equipment doesn't change your character's appearance (which really sucks the joy out of equipping that new purple item you just found), the plot is laughably inane. There really is no element in the game that would lead someone to recommend it.


    O.K. I understand the people who make these games need to make money. BUT I'm sick and tired of all these stupid MMO's that advertise free-to-play then slap you across the head with all these costs in costumes, items, charactors, weapons, monthy subscriptions, etc. Sure you can technocly play the game for free, if you enjoy exp penaltys, not being able to play certain classes/charactors.,etc I can go buy a game right now for 30-40 bucks and enjoy it for years to come, and these leachers are asking you for hundreds of dollars in some cases for the "full experiance". What Crap.


    the pricing of characters are shocking. if you want to unlock/play with other heros, say Hulk or DeadPool that will cost you £20........I bought a £10/£15 pack a long time ago, and that only gives me enough to unlock ONE other character. If you didn't buy one of those packs it will cost you around £20 for ONE mainstream character.....Not Cool guys.....

    Apart from that the game is fun lol


    Website: Experience the entire game without paying any money.

    Customer: Cool, I'm interested! What was that game called again?

    Website: Marvel Heroes

    Customer: So does it have my favorite Avengers and Spiderman? Those movies rocked.

    Website: "Play as Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider Man, Captain America and many other famous heroes."

    Customer: Downloading now!!

    Game client: "Hello Scarlet Witch, would you like to purchase one of your favorite heroes like Iron Man? Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider Man, or Captain America? Confirm yes by spending a couple hundred dollars"

    Customer: "The website said I can experience the entire game without paying any...."

    Game Client: Let me cut you off right there Scarlet Witch. You can enjoy the entire game as Scarlet Witch or Hawkeye. But hey, if I can't convince you then the founders pack will unlock all those characters for just $200!

    Customer: "Not cool. I'm not interested.

    Game Client: What? Why!

    Customer: I wanted a game about Marvel heroes and thought I could experience the entire game for free.

    Game Client: You can! But those iconic heroes are not part of the game experience.

    Customer: "What was that game called again?


    too long. didn't read.


    Lets see, what do we have here? They have gambling packs for powerful items.

    They have abnormally steep pay-walls for costumes and pay-walls for the characters themselves

    The characters are not used as quest rewards (RANDOM drops only).

    They sell the ability to boost any character's "Ultimate Ability" for both PVP and PVE by purchasing characters,

    There's an insanely low drop rates on characters (Don't bother filing a bug report if you don't get any new playable characters in your first 50 hours).

    *Looks at Marvel Heroes published by Secret Identity Studios.*

    *Looks at EA*

    *Looks at Marvel Heroes published by Secret Identity Studios."

    I actually had to check if Marvel Heroes publisher's secret identity was EA.


    @waggs Funny, I've found six characters so far, and I certainly don't have 50 hrs played. Also, you do in fact get characters from quests, if you've put even two hours into the game you should have received your first free additional random character. You're using the term "pay-wall" to describe things that are entirely optional. "Pay wall" is a term used to describe a wall preventing you from doing something integral to a game unless you pay for it. Your "preference" for one character or another doesn't determine it's "importance" in the game, nor are they integral to having fun in the game.

    Whether you Want another character that isn't available or not is purely preferential. The starting characters provided are not watered down in any way, and in the case of Scarlet Witch or Hawkeye are extremely powerful.

    Really it just sounds like you're having some bad RNG luck and have decided to construe facts with whiny opinion.


    @CommodoreRaslin @Rubious @waggs I will take that to mean I come off as articulate in making my points when surrounded by those who are not.

    You will also notice I have not said whether the game is "good," if people should play it or whether I "like it." My commentary in each reply is kept to details regarding the game.

    So in that light, I'll take your comment as a compliment to my articulation regarding the topic.


    An excellent Free game. Detailed animations, simple combat and UI function. The comic book style presentation is cool and really highlights the effort the developers put into it. I downloaded the game (10gigs..w t f) and tried it for a few hours. Then the lag caught up when a bunch of players were fighting enemies in a zone. It then became almost unplayable due to that factor and I lost some interest in continuing to play. While still an enjoyable game, I cannot see how the game uses 10+ gigs. Common gaming devs. Let's get some new compression technology going. Seek magnetic or crystal-based storage research. More and more games are using way too many gigabytes. That is not a good thing on the user end. If they don't have room of their devices/hardware, most of the masses will not buy your product!


    @2bitSmOkEy @soulfulDAGGER Generally speaking, I agree. But for a simple isometric ARPG, yes, it could've been smaller. But then again, I've seen worse.


    Ok iv played it enough, its too easy, you get uber drops after 30 mins of playing the game, when i say uber i mean +2 to skills bosses are easy, and i didn't like being forced to use a character i didn't like and there were 5 there that i didnt like(you have to pay for thor, iron man, spiderman, captain America and wolverine to use them at the start of the game...) and im not going to spend $30 on 1 character, what can i say i got bored, had so much potential anyway back to d3.(oh and you cant by pets that do nothing but follow you)


    thinking that diablo 2 maker is on this makes me so sad


    @carolino Those who call upon themselves as "makers" of somethimg good in the past and are just teasing the crowds... dont expect too much before actualy playing the game... the next will be the wing commander maker that is a GOD for the hype... his next game looks good but actually still nothing and ppl gave money as a kickstarter for him to make his spacesim game... Torchlight 2 was the same make by those who work on Diablo long time ago... and it brings nothing good or new... we need creative minds notthe same formula overused like this... ans I REALLY LOVE ARPGS...


    I have a question for anyone that has finished the game, are there harder modes after first play through?


    If this were a $60 you'd get all this for free. As a F2P game the cost to purchase everything you would have gotten for $60 is well over 10 times the cost of a paid game.


    @CommodoreRaslin You can get everything in this for free. But it just requires a hell of a lot of grinding.


    god..this player is sooo bad =.="


    @bhmg please post a 45 min video of yourself playing whilst concentrating on an indepth interview of the game....


    @qewretrytuyiuoi That shouldn't be hard considering how simple the game is.

    But having played it the player actually isn't that bad, the game simply doesn't allow for much more than what you can see here. Mouse movement is simply inferior to WASD in every way.


    is it good??



    It is like marvels diablo rpg however it is so weird playing for example storm and then seeing 5 or 6 more of the same characters playing at the same time.


    @Helios_Sun @acelogan1989 got the same feeling. is nice to play as the actual characters you love, but since they are limited and it's an MMO with a Diablo-like gameplay... it's just weird


    is this like Ultimate Alliance or better?


    A few notes since these two don't do any research or pay attention while playing:

    -All characters can be found or received from quests.
    -You can have multiple costumes and upgrade costumes like an "enchanting" system.
    -You CAN solo the entire game, I have done so with a long range "blasters/leader" character.
    -Grouping is preferable, especially if you have friends to group with.
    -Drops are not shared. Everyone gets their own drops.
    -Items can drop for all characters, regardless if you own them or not.
    -Quality system: Gray, White, green, blue, purple, orange. (Classic diablo system as the game is made by original D2 members)
    -There are archtypes such as Brutes, Tanks, Assaulters, Leaders and Blasters. Some characters share multiple Archtypes. Cyclops for example is a Blaster/Leader, where Capt. America is a Tank/Leader.
    -Paid for characters do -NOT- receive better drops than free characters. (Fucking retarded suggestion by these two)
    -There are costumes that are only available via Drops, Crafting, Special character packs or Fortune cards from Gambit.
    -Pets are just for Vanity and follow you around.
    -Start upgrading your Crafter off the bat, it's progress keeps pretty well paired with you so long as you don't ignore it.
    -Areas are open community maps that anyone can enter. There are instanced small buildings and houses that have quick events inside that are for you only. In the community maps there are community events such as stopping arsonists or killing T-rexs. Boss instances will auto group you with other people who need the instance (very fast pairing) or you can enter as a preformed group.
    -Bosses(instance and community map event bosses) become more difficult depending on how many people are within range of them. So the community event bosses are solo'able so long as there's not other people standing around nearby who aren't assisting.

    There's other stuff but this should cover what these two missed. It's sad week to week how they repeat the same questions to each other and have no idea about the games they are playing. The quality of these videos are rather disgusting.


    @Rubious Awesome post!!! Randy and Johnathan should read it


    @Rubious I have been playing this game since closed beta. You did a good job of breaking down the game.


    The game is great.


    Love this game :)


    looks boring


    You do not have to pay. You can unlock 99.99% of the game content by playing.


    @STrugglingFool @deedock4life You can find characters as drops. All characters are available as either drops or quest rewards.


    @Rubious Thank you I did not know that. Clicks like button.


    It's quite fun as far as ARPG go.