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Lost Planet 3 producer Andrew Szymanski joins us for look at the upcoming icy action sequel.

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    Looks decent, but I say this because flaws are pretty obvious while it shows some good things. Animations of the character, specially while fighting, fail to show the urgency of the moment. Also, wish people did more than 1 reload animation: you give them a pistol with a short clip, and the quality of that imperfect animation starst to be gratting.

    I only asked this to lost planet: don't remove me from control of my character: getting knocked of all the time or having guns with recoil that leaves me wide open for 3 seconds to a quick jabber enemy is not fun. Give me fun to shoot human enemies if you gonna put 'em: make them cover, make them flank, make them use grenades somehow smartly. You don't need to do Killzone smart enemies to be fun, just make em agressive like CoD or Spec Ops and it could be fun, but hey, it helps.


    SNUUUUUUUUZZZZE.....this video is a good sleep aid


    This game looks like fucking crap...


    It looks good as a pastime game,and relaxing if you have nothing serious to play.




    I hate it... It looks like a reskin of Gears Of War by the gods I hate it when other developers do things like this.. I know that franchise is hugely successful and the guys at capcom thought it be ok to borrow some of their techniques for LP3 but In my opinion if they wanted this game to be better then the others they should've strayed from that frame of thinking and tried something completely different. Something more fast paced not predictable, slow, and boring. Oh well I really liked Lost Planet but LP2 sucked and this one looks to be nothing to really write home about either oh well...


    If it is not co op in main story mode I will not buy it. Co op was the only thing they had going for them.


    not too spectacular, but looking at the bright side its not fps.


    looks subpar with little to no effort to set it apart from the others


    I liked Lost Planet until I played Lost Planet 2, that game was a bag of wank. Hopefully they can redeem the franchise with LP3.


    Only a crazy person would call LP2 a great game... That game was pathetic


    This game seems to be something I could play when I need to switch and play something different.......I think I may get this one, increase the library.


    So Andrew, how does it feel to work for the company that murdered Megaman?


    boooooring .....


    RIP Lost Planet.

    Go to hell Capcpom.


    I was hoping that this game would become what Lost Planet always wanted to be, a simplified less grindy Monster Hunter.

    And from the looks of it this game might be lacking in big set pieces but might have gained some coherent story telling.


    @Pochikirimichi It appears to play a lot like gears or Dead space which is a massive shame. The sense of freedom of movement in Lost planet was great. How you used to be knocked over and thrown about was one of my favourite aspects of the game. I do like the rig gameplay though and i am liking how its not so much a anime type story and more relatable characters.


    Dead Space 3 mated with Red Fraction Armageddon + bad visuals.


    wow spark unlimited finaly can make a game


    i bought lost planet at Gamestop for $2.00. When i got home and put it in my xbox, i realised i payed too much for it :-/


    @JBo796 If you mean the first one then im sad




    Looks incredibly mediocre and generic. ENOUGH OF THESE SHOOTERS.


    Looks too western, too unreal engine 3, too generic... the main character reminds me of Home Improvement, the armor looks Gears of War-ish, It lacks the "japanese flavor" of the first and second (a little less) games had, the camera work is amateur at best (they should look at what kojima does with mgs). On the other side, the writing seems solid, and I liked the idea of "learning" the cover mechanic with the stampede (the thing that the first game got poorer)


    @cesarpo Aye i enjoyd the first one but the second one was for me a bull shit too western like u said


    @cesarpo It's not like the 1st and 2nd games were any good.


    Animations look stiff, guns sound weak, lack impact and the art style is super generic. Bargain bin purchase for sure.


    @DefconRave Does that make it any different than the previous two? I might check it out since the story seems interesting enough.

    Side note; Despite being a generally crappy game on the whole, LP2 still holds the title for my favorite co-op multiplayer moment. I know a lot of people hated it, and maybe it's because I was the one firing, but that giant cannon battle on the train was absolutely fantastic for me. Having three of my friends with me helping me out, and the confusion involved made the moment though. If I had been by myself, it would have been rubbish. In the end though, I'm glad I only paid $5 for the game.


    This looks so bland...


    capcom needs to stop having so much westernization in their games, its ruining RE and lost planet


    looks gr8, but im kinda worried about spark making it. i looked at previous games they made and they were flops...


    Lost Mass Dead Planet 3


    Looks boring.


    It looks "OK" in a "Dark Void" kind of way... Sadly most people don't have time for "OK" games. Especially when our game time is valuable. This is a pass for me.


    Lost Planet (the 1st) had a great cast of characters, a very Japanized look and feel with unique weapons and movement. This is like its American counterpart... like RE6 when compared to RE4. I guarantee when you finish this game you won't remember anything more than a white blur and a glowing orange sac.


    @CVsym That seems to be my memories of the first game. It was entertaining for a while, but they failed at storytelling, and the characters were as generic as the ones in this video, the difference is they were Eastern generic, now they're Western generic which isn't any better.


    looks ok, going to give it a try.


    I have played LP1 and LP2, both are great games in my opinion. The multiplayer is still quite empty though...

    In this case they should include offline bots perhaps, so that You dont end up paying for one non-co-op campaign and empty useless multiplayer... Other then that, looks great so far :]


    Agree with Rasmus. This series seems to be kinda low quality console junk only.
    In LP1 you had very slow movement and shot some gigant spiders or something and it felt very lame.


    @quakke The PC versions of LP1/LP2 are actually well done, pretty good PC ports with full DX10/DX11 support. Not the "kinda low quality console junk".


    The Lost Planet series has never got it right


    Lost Planet 1 was so bad. Only the motion blur was cool.


    @KillzoneSnake Eww I dislike motion blur and can't imagine why anyone would want to add it on purpose. It's just as annoying as the "shaky cam" in the new Tomb Raider.


    @Saketume Not liking motion blur is like not liking lights. The problem is some devs think more motion blur means better graphics, which isn't the case. Bluring the shit out of everything that moves a little bit isn't gonna make it look better.



    I disagree.

    ..and the added motion blur in cgi is one of the reasons I prefer practical effects over digital. Artificial motion blur is just one of the reasons that makes it look fake and crappy.

    If you want to get more technical then I'm aware of the ~25fps limit of movies (does not apply to computer games) and that when you film real life with regular recording equipment motion blur will present itself as blurry images. If you want to add CGI to the mix then don't add it frame by frame lol (and I'm pretty sure the don't). They'd make a high fps CGI sequence and then adapt it to the ~25fps movie format.

    Not sure what movies has to do with this though since there's no real fps limit to computer games afaik.At least none that would interfere with what I'm saying.

    My point stands.Artifically adding motion blur doesn't help more than artificially "shaking the camera" to make it look like it's handheld. It's just annoying and not needed at all.

    Just as stupid as blurring the peripheral.


    @Saketume @Total_mischief You would be wrong. It doesn't add itself on its own when it's computer generated and, since it's only a series of 2D images with a limited speed, your eyes don't process it the same way they do naturally. If you were to remove the CG Motion Blur from the Hulk and other CG characters in The Avengers, the movie's effects would have a severe drop in quality, same goes for every animated movie since the invention of CG motion blur. With the decent amount of motion blur, animations feel much more realistic and natural, but as I said it's often overused in games.



    I'm not sure what you mean when you say it's like not liking lights.

    Motion blur is something that they don't have to add simply because it adds itself.

    If something moves fast on the screen or in reality our eyes/brains can't keep up and the objects appear blurry.

    There's really no reason whatsoever to add more blur on purpose. Making my vision appear crappier than it already is doesn't make the game look better.


    It doesn't look bad, but it doesn't look fresh either. Sigh..... I guess I'm running out of trigger happy mojo :/


    Shooting mechanic looks clunky.


    Well of course you think its good value of money! You are in this video for PR as always, you cant say it aint good value of money :D .


    Looks fun.^^


    looks like a step back! lost planet2 looked much better!


    Lost Planet is one of the best series yet ! Glad they keep on making more.


    @LexLas I like your positivity and ethusiasm


    it may look crapy becos of the video. game it self is really good and grafixs looks great, intrusting to play :D


    Anyone who say it look like crap obviously came here ready to hate on it no matter how good it look .

    Me i m personally impressed , did nt came here expecting much tho .The story / gameplay / content / graphics look good . So as an ovrerall package i really doubt it will disappoint those ready to give it a chance unlike the haters in here .


    @berserks I didn't come here ready to hate, but I sincerely do hate that the game is trying to emulate the aesthetic style of Mass Effect and Gears of War. I've never been a huge fan of games where the POV is stuck right up your characters ass. The original Lost Planet has a beautiful POV, and the aesthetic style had a great arcade feel. This game is as generic looking as they get. The games graphics look perfectly serviceable, but that doesn't make the art design any less bland.


    Looks like poor man's version of dead space. And very cluncky, with pointless QTE's . Capcom never learns what is good and what is bad. Honestly, this looks really bad. It may suprise...


    If it's a prequel, why is it called Lost Planet 3? Shouldn't it be Lost Planet: Origins or something? It's a simple thing that might confuse a lot of people. And frankly, I'm surprised that I'm the one that has to pose the question instead of, you know, the people who have been working on the game ...everyday...for the past two years.



    Number 3 seems to be a magic one for prequels: Metal Gear 3, Devil May Cry 3...


    @toecutter00 Simple, number 3 grants more sales than same add in the name.


    Looks to me more like Dead Space-ish game, but still looking forward for more gameplay for Lost Planet 3.


    nope not impressed


    I stumbled upon this livestream the other day and Jess almost killed me when she announced "GIIIAANT ENEMY CRRRAAABS" when the monsters around 31:40 showed up. You're awesome Jess & That Capcom guy has no sense of humour.


    Looks good so far, but still have a feel it will be decent at most.


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