New Releases - Gridiron and Battles Over Exes Video Feature

This week we check out Madden NFL 11, Monday Night Combat, and Scott Pilgrim, and we get a massage.

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@vengefulwilberg Agreed...for the most part. I'd exempt the Wii and DSiWare from that statement, as I don't see any interesting titles coming to those platforms (other than Sonic 4) anytime soon. I probably won't see the S.P. movie, but I'll definitely get the game just because of its sheer awesomeness.


It looks like the downloadable game list is really starting to improve. Every downloadable seems to be a must buy. I can't wait. Whos going to Shank somebody, because Shank is going to rock. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World looks very cool as well. I know Scott Pilgrim vs the World pays homeage to 80's games, however online play would have made this game even more inviting.