New England - Syndicate Co-Op Gameplay Video

Take a deep look into Syndicate's four-player co-op campaign with this new co-op gameplay video highlighting the New England mission.

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    The hud is a bit cluttered and there is room for improvement in the enviroment, but the gameplay looks really solid...some people are being fairly critical, but i think the game has great potential and hope it lives up to it.


    hud and scoreboard look absolutely annoying. having all that crap pop up when in a firefight might as well blow your god damn head off.


    looks like acool game to me


    these trailers dont do the game any favors


    the hud looks realy bad


    mirros edge and brink, eh? when i saw the singleplayer i kinda got reminded of Dues ex 3. then again the way stuff went with this video i can tell i see a bit Brink. Crysis 2 i dont realy know, but the weapons look cool


    Looks like they've taken the Mirrors Edge engine, slapped a few 'cool gunzzz' into the mix and slapped the Syndicate name onto it. Being a big fan of the original, at this point i'm not impressed.


    Reminds me of Brink & Crysis2... two games i found to be quite disappointing


    looks way too easy


    I wouldn't mind if they added splitscreen actually. But looks fun.


    looks like brink and valiant arms but too easy. if this game wants anyones attention they better have something way better than this.


    Looks way too challenge at all...point to point linear gameplay...just run and gun...


    @Nos1Chelseafan I agree with you gameplay is everything... but good asthetics do help.


    Will you people stop looking at the graphics and say "ooooo its crap" A game isnt always about graphics its about GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!!!


    does'nt look nice man :/


    Am i the only person who thinks this looks ok, then again I thought brink was awesome and my expectation got destroyed


    @Taffelost I lol'd


    LOL at that headshot in the beginning of the video. Wasn't even close to the head. Console aimbot ftw. Just proves that playing FPS on consoles is Special Olympics.


    @mao-ga-sas now if theyde have done both that would have been good i remember the old ones on the amiga then ps1.


    oh wow a new trailer for Brink. Wait a sec...


    The graphics are really not as impressive as I initially thought.


    It just me or this game graphics style is kinda like mirror's edge ???


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    Totally different than the 1st title that wasn't a FPS. Can't judge if it's better or not. If it's a good multiplayer though, it may not be bad. The only thing I doesn't seem to fit is the environment; it's too bright. The first title had a dark feeling in it.


    I am a fans of syndicate. I play all version the old syndicate but this the new syndicate is just like scumbag, I dare to bet this game rate wont higher than 5.5


    The dirty scum *!%!*#. Hows dare they do this to my beloved Syndicate. EA need to be destroyed. Simple as.


    the ammo you have in mid air on the screen is awful, to many things in front of the screen they should do something for all this problems or this game won't sell anything


    it looks like crysis 2 for the gameplay (shooting, moving, reloading...) and a bit of deus ex


    great... another cookie cutter fps


    It's just a mixture of Brink and Crysis 2 the graphics seem really bad and I can't say I am looking forward to this game; I expect the graphics are bad because the game can be played split-screen on a console.


    Someone doesn't know how to use a sniper rifle. Perfect Dark meets BattleField.


    Did I just see 4 player splitscreen co-op. I hope I did, although it's very unlikely.:D


    Needs more UI elements, HUD blood and dirt, blur and distortion effects, there's still a bit of gameplay to be seen on screen. On a less cynical side, what happened to the "it's not going to be another FPS" ? What I see here is even worse than I could've expected. The previous trailers already indicated what kind of an "accessible" generic FPS clone it's going to be, but this tops it off. Put on top EA's Origin Trojan and the complete lack of anything even remotely interesting or challenging and you have another failed product on PC. Congratulations for the "Franchise destroyed" achievement. Print it out, EA and hang it on your wall to the others.


    Personally, this footage kind of reminds me of crysis 2. Although crysis 2 was a pretty great fps, this really doesnt seem to offer anything new whatsoever. I am a big fan of video games in general, including fps games, but this is starting to get rediculous. Its too bad that even though die hard gamers like moi beg for something new in fps games, suckers are reluctant to buy them just because (MW3). Its most likely not going to happen any time soon. Meh. ...but hey, at least the cover looks cool.


    Is that Brink 2.0?


    as far as syndicate the original is concerned this is really bad just another vanilla shooter with no originality and even worse less content than the original...