Neverwinter - Icespire Peak

Here's some game footage of Neverwinter's Icespire Peak.

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@PoodlejumperI doubt Neverwinter is going to be anything amazing, but you do realize that you're talking about "flogging a dead horse" while promoting a nostalgic successor to a 13-year-old game from a long-dead genre that was itself a D&D game, right?


It's not D&D and wanting real CRPGs to come back is hardly 'nostalgia'.   I keep hearing those who say negative of these kickstarters using the word 'nostalgia'...Like were pining for Pacman Arcade style gigantic machines to come back when they went away for a dang good reason. 

'Nostalgia' would be not being able to stop playing the old game (haven't played that one in over 10 years) and demanding a part 2 that is exactly the same as the old one.  Nostalgia would be wanting something that went away for a reason.

This is simple supply and demand.  There is a demand for real tactical RPGs and someone is supplying.  There's been a CONSTANT demand since a stronger focus for FPSs have been in view but some idiot in publisherland thought that something else was what we wanted when we asked for an RPG.  That something else has devolved into Dragon Age 2: a mindless button mashing excuse for dog dirt that has nothing to do with Role-Playing. 

The same role playing game based off PnP games that still get published every year and played by players new and old alike.