Multiplayer Action - Naval War: Arctic Circle Trailer

Here's a new multiplayer action trailer to celebrate the release of the new mission editor for Naval War: Arctic Circle.



Paradox and their worst graphics.

What is this? Sega's mortal kombat from the 90s??

Paradox have good game ideas but worst graphics =(

HOI3, CK2.. you be the judge 


I wish the game was actually this exciting. Unfortunately it doesn't come close, and is more a "Hey AI, you can't do that" and "Where's my Save Game button?" grind. Be nice to speed the action up (and you do have that ability) but at your own peril. Normal Time often drops back AFTER a critical event and not as it is happening. With the difficulty level of "Harpoon 3", but nowhere near the intricacies and falling somewhat short of "Jane's Fleet Command" which still looks and plays well I'm finding myself spewnding very little time with this purchase.

If you're mildy interested, wait for a Sale is my advice, much as I support Indie Devs.