More Different Than Alike: Witcher 2. vs. Skyrim

If you loved Skyrim but didn't catch The Witcher 2, you should try it now--not because it's more of the same, but because it's a stimulating contrast. Here are five reasons why.

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    Final Verdict : Skyrim - Epicness The Witcher 2 - Epic Fail


    Witcher 2 and Skyrim are both good games.


    Nice,this is one of the other reasons why I wish I got a Xbox instead of a Ps3 but I do hope they put in on the Ps3 though and I DO hope that in the next Bethesda Elder Scrolls they take a little nudity learning from The Witcher 2 ;D


    Is a PS3 release really too much to ask for? :(


    @X-RS Hes posted it many times before (well lots of slightly different versions of it), and before that a bunch of other annoying comments...therefore not epic IMO


    Why this game is not on PS3?


    I'm Polish, and am sad this isn't coming to PS3. I guess I have another game for 360 :D


    I'd love to try this, but sadly I'm more of a PS3 kind of guy.


    2 WINS for the Xbox. Skyrim on the PS3 suuuuuuuuuuuuCKS.


    @Gelugon_baat ahahaha :D good, im so glad


    witcher2 is better game than skyrim but again skyrim is longer (same old dungeons, kill this deliver that type of quest) and more fun (mods)


    @moremoneythanu forever alone dude......


    Banned? That post is epic!


    @GamerLegend10 Back again, and << LINK REMOVED >>. :P


    I felt witcher-2 is great than skyrim in every way but when it comes to overall experience i still love skyrim more than witcher-2,I don't know why.


    Thing that differentiates them is that Bethesda dosen't need to spend a year making a fully polished and rendered game trailer just to reel people in. Bethesda just needs to create an in-game trailer and you're hooked. Because of that they did also do a real-filmed trailer. That's the way to do it Bethesda!


    @moremoneythanu Seriously, you are back again? just using a different user name this can trolling be that entertaining???


    "The Xbox version is going to look better than the minimum settings on the PC," senior producer Tomasz Gop told Eurogamer. "Don't hold my word for this, but the goal we have right now is to be close to the medium specs of the PC version." EDIT: and i do believe they were hyping it up, for marketing reasons. you understand.


    I want to import my dark souls character into the Witcher 2. I wonder how those monsters would fair against a ninja flipping around in full havel's armor and a +15 Katana.


    "second bite of the cherry?" It's "apple."


    The visuals, story-telling, characters, gameplay, and setting of Witcher 2 are paramount to Skyrim, so be sure to check this out on X360 in April!


    This makes me sad that I have a PS3 :(


    please CD project, stay true to your self and stay away from EA and Activision and soon you will be my favorite studio.


    This deserved the GOTY award. It was the most brilliant game I've played in the last few years.


    The Witcher 2 is one of the better games I've ever played. CDproject is an amazing studio. Xbox gamers are in for a treat.


    [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


    Always wanted to play this and the 1st game but don't have a good enough computer to run it. I'm super stoked for this game can't wait!


    It's more akin to Mass Effect than to Elders Scrolls or even Dragon Age. It's a wonderful RPG with choices that actually change the world.


    i hadn't played an RPG before and i can't say how lucky i was to play this game as of my first RPG experience. Best game ever!


    "CD Project" Know how to take care of them game and the gamers ;)


    @sleepnsurf Am playing mass effect 3 on ps3 right now. Dunno what you are talking about? As for skyrim, don't want it. Its way too unfocused for my liking though some people enjoy it. Really love these witcher and demon soul kind of fantasy games. Ps3 is okey and not as bad in multiplatforms as some might think. Never came across an unplayable game. Though xbox is marginally better. But looses on exclusives so both are equal. Unless you love kinect.guess its getting more exclusives this year than halos and gears and all.


    Because...boobs. lol


    Comparison of highly acclaimed RPG's? Why is Dark souls not there :(


    I like. This video, the games, everything.


    Great video, great speaker :)


    6. The Witcher 2 is an actual RPG.


    I dont see why people can only like one or the other.


    Definitely getting this game. Always in the mood for a morally ambiguous plot and challenging gameplay.


    Definitely one of my favorite games ever.


    If you've never played Witcher 2... you are missing ooouuuttt. I loved Witcher 1 but part 2 was a huge upgrade.


    oooh wat do i spy in this video at 1:46 ..did the white haired cat eyed badass personality just scrath his bottom :P ... game developers are soo evil :D


    An interesting game where game play should be challenging. Hope its not as hard as Dark Souls. Wondering why PC clips were used for the console version. Is it just a come on, hoping to sell more games to the young set.


    @vaibhavp Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim can barely play on the PS3. Why would you even want this for it? I own ME3 on PS3 and it is atrocious. I Should have went 360 on it. Oh and Skyrim? Not even going there. I love my PS3 but there are things it just is not suited for, like anything non-exclusive.


    Please give us a ps3 version. No wait give us both witcher and witcher 2 on a disc. Then charge us 100$ i dont mind.


    @Stealth_Knight_ Zero originality? Have you ever tried playing this game?? Give me an example which a game doesn't allow you using potions mid fight? Having a different chapter 2 based on your decisions on act 1? (non linearity)? Pixel boobs and a story based on a Polish book??


    6. Development on The Witcher 2 was actually completed BEFORE it was released. 7. The Witcher 2 isn't a buggy train-wreck requiring 8 patches before becoming somewhat playable.


    Seriously, Skyrim is out of Witcher's league! This game benefits from the background history of several best-selling books. Not to mention the level of graphic details in PC, made consoles look rediculous. I feel sorry for those poor people who'll have to play this on Xbox.


    Another one of these? Are you afraid people won't buy it because they already have a fantasy game?


    @Slash_out This game here in Poland is a bit cheaper :D Enchanced edition for around 30 bucks. And Dark Edition costs like a normal edition game from US.

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