Metro: Last Light Interview With Mark Madsen

GameSpot AU speaks to THQ's Mark Madsen to talk about Metro: Last Light's universe, their HUD-less goals, and listening to fans of the first game!

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I am so excited!!!!


cant wait!!!


Thanks for the early spoiler warning there slick.


@YoungCardinal Sorry, I meant it in the good way, I really think it's original, I played the first and loved it.sorry if I sounded Sarcastic.


Metro 2033 was good, but this looks even better


wtf does Wii U have to do with this? I cant wait for this 2033 was a really atmospheric game.


2033 was good. This will be better since it has online.


@smirvane Did they claim in any way that HUD less is a new unique experience? NO. By making the game HUD less, it creates a better realism/atmosphere towards the game. Wow people like you get so mad over nothing about games and have to fine ways to ridicule them...


you can also save the dark ones in Metro 2033 but I the book I think you also blast them so they went with the bad ending which is a good thing I think it makes the story darker. Miller even says to take the world by sword and fire :D you cant do that by making piece with dark ones.


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Looks good. Just another FPS.. but neat.