Metro 2033 - Raiding an Enemy Camp Gameplay Movie

A player uses darkness to raid an enemy encampment.

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    @ertman420 It would seem someone does not enjoy epic atmosphere and thinks his opinions are facts.


    should i play in xbox 360 or pc


    Talk about dark and scary... I like it!!


    would this game work on an ATI Radeon X1300LE?


    and look below how someone put "looks dumb" and they hide it saying it doesnt meet the criteria. Then 2 comments later, it says "looks great" and its unhidden. Hmmm, that makes sense. This is getting a little too one sided, don't you think


    shooting the enemies is like shooting a brick wall where there is no complexities whatsoever in the way they die. Like L4D2 where you shoot anywhere and they become dismembered. That is so bad for 2010 how this game forgets to use decent physics and what not. Who wants to spend a whole game in the underground anyway, dull, fake and gay


    I loved and I still love this game


    So how similar is this to Fallout 3? I liked F3, trying to decide if I should get this while it's on sale in the steam store (50% off BTW)


    Looks fun .. love fps games where I can use stealth


    ONLY 8.0??? wow man this game is the best ever and gs only gives it an 8.0 lol i love it i'd give it a 10 :p


    This game is good but VERY hard, even on normal. I have it for the 360 since my PC isn't super cool. I personally loved it, despite getting pissed off at it because I died from the orange round things that explode so many times ( forget the name ). But yeah, for the mature gamer who loves a damn good story and scare factor - get this game :)


    The shooting mechanics look pretty good i might get it.


    well there was a drop in frame after he threw the dynamite. & enemy AI is normal in the game, just finished is second time.


    this game looks really fun


    This game looks rather boring... What's new?


    unfortunetly gaming these past few years , your a "loser" or a "noob" if you like a game that some one else doesnt like . . . specialy to some one who thinks graphics is what its all about ..or they think they are hot sh*t cause they are 15-17 , wear fitteds and dirty a** nikes and play rated M games lol


    seems a little generic as a fps, is it really anything special , graphics aside


    @GeorgeSyll no fps drops in the vid? stop telling that other kid to get a new pc and invest in some freakin glasses. this Vid is laggy! no point telling me to get a new rig - as i'm currently a proud new owner of a gulftown and a GTX 295.


    Cool game.


    @GenericUser12 On this topic or other ones?


    @supertegwyn Read his other comments and then get back to me.


    @GenericUser12 Why should he? He has every right to say why he likes the game.


    Combat on games like this always seem a bit, sticky. Bioshock for example, FOV, screensize, actual gun size, movement of the mouse, enemy speed/hit detection etc may all add up against the player.


    loooks great :)


    The game is awsome just finished the game ! Maan this game is scary like hell dude keeps you alltime on presure ! I reccommend to play it guys and see its fun and interesting the story is nice and the graphic is awsome ! I Enjoyed especialy when you are outside and you can brake the enemy gas mask and they choke tho death aah mann that is so funny the sounds they make :) I enjoyed the game 100 % especialy when you can see the ostankino tower or at least what is left of it !


    @GeorgeSyll Seriously dude, shut the hell up.


    looks dump


    @ GeorgeSyll Game defender.. Ha, you get paid for that?


    Gelugon get a life. there are no framerate drops on the video. buy a new pc. ibeatu the enemy ai is very good. i was playing stealth and i was close to the enemy.i forgot to reload my silenced revolver and when i pulled the triger the enemy heard the click and turned and shot me.also when you are in the dark they dont search around. they turn their flashligh off and use their nightvision. if this sounds crapy to you then go play sims


    the enemy ai looks crappy.


    Massive frame rate drops.