Meet the Composers: Winifred Phillips, Little Big Planet 2

Meet Winifred Phillips, one of the composers of Little Big Planet 2's music, as she tells us how she got into the industry, what her process is, and some pearls of wisdom for aspiring composers.

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I am a metal head, yet something so right about the music in LBP series just draws a huge smile across my face :)


Music is likely one of the most important aspects for me. It's amazing how far music in games has come. I'm one whose played the Legend of the Guardians video game. I must say that the music in that game struck me more than the music in the actual film. It was subtle and quiet midst everything else, but there's some beautiful ques that caught my ear very quickly. "The Gathering" is my favorite track. Thank you so much for the interview. No shortage of inspiration here, I'd love to put some of my music to games.


They should definitely show interviews with the gifted people who do the music, and all the other stuff in games in general, these people deserve more PUBLIC recognition for their works of art!!! They deserve a yearly awards ceremony just like they do with hollywood and the oscars!! I also have no doubt that these videos (and seeing these people being recognized and talking to us) will be inspiring for many to consider joining these fields. I don't even know how to play a piano and this inspired me regardless. I have also played some of the games she made music for, thus, I know she did have an impact (I sure loved that music). Fabulous job Winifred!