Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Movie 28

Take a look at some more footage of a tank.

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@sydneyviles yes yes it is. honestly though, the graphics were amazing back then, and now if you modify the file to run in true full 1920x1080 resolution, it looks pretty damn good to this day, some textures don't hold up as well, and some blockiness, but no where near as bad as looking back at MoH: Frontline, that game looks pretty blocky now and soft. I'd still play both of these games, the music and game environments give such atmosphere, its so nostalgic for me. I was into the whole Saving Private Ryan and WW2 craze for sooooo long, plus I'm a huge WW2 buff. I got MoH: AA just because it was so far ahead of other games at the times in terms of Presentation, Graphics, Atmosphere. I get so nostalgic thinking about it, I loved the original and Medal of Honor Underground was my favorite back then!