MechWarrior Online - Death's Knell Trailer

MechWarrior Online introduces the Death's Knell.

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Meh.  I was so pumped for MWO to come out, having been a huge fan of the series since the original MechWarrior 1 on DOS.. and man what a let down..
Now I know things need to change to keep a series fresh, even occasionaly reboot it with new vision.. but as it stands now its crap and I truly hope they patch it and it gets closer to the mark.  Too much emphasis on missles, no effective AMS system to speak of yet.. they've removed coolant flushes, impossible to do 3rd person view (not a bad change, just a big one), you'll see light mechs takes several LBX shots point blank and shrug it off, yet the lasers will eat an assault mech alive... blah.. just ruined the balance and experience totally.