Mass Effect 3 - Secret Destroy Ending (SPOILER)

SPOILER! ENDING REVEALED - Take a look at one of the endings in Mass Effect 3, Destroy. The secret scene is at the 11:00 mark.

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the endings were great and totally consistent with the rest of the mass effect decisions you got to make while playing any of the games. it makes perfect sense. no idea why people are complaining.


The final choice clearly represents the internal battle against indoctrination. You can follow Saren from ME1 and choose Synthesis, the IM and choose to Control the reapers or stay the path and Destroy the reapers. Why abandon everything you fought for all along because this "boy" portrays it to be the renegage choice (red)? Shepard even turns into a husk when he chooses Control or Synthesis, hence you the player succumb to indoctrination. This much is certain, but whether it is a hallucination and Shepard simply defeats the influence of indoctrination within him or the reapers or actually destroyed as a result is still up for debate until the Extended Cut arrives.


Everyone who is saying that BioWare planed so called "indoctrination ending", you're giving them too much credit. The ending(s) don't make any sense at all, but I, for one, am not pissed at them just because of that. I'm pissed because I played 108+ hours of the trilogy (as many others) and in the end all that mattered was the army you gathered for the final fight. The ending depended on your War Assets, nothing else. That's my biggest issue with Mass Effect 3 and BioWare.


These choices don't make any sense. The paragon choice is apparently the same as the Illusive Man's, so in the end all that dicking around with him just before making the decision was pointless because you both actually agreed with each other; you just didn't know it yet. None of the choices give the ideal ending you're looking for whether you want to be an evil renegade dictator or a paragon savior of the galaxy. It would seem to me that the destruction of the reapers would be the more logical paragon option while controlling them would be the renegade. With the current setup, it almost seems like the synthesis ending is the actual happiest ending instead of the paragon ending. WTF? :|


Quite a good ending if you ask me..Reapers gone, Shepard breathes, I know where id like to be though.... stuck on the planet where the Normandy goes down with a cocktail on a sun lounger.... what a view.... sorted! everyone is happy :D


Despite what everyone says i think all of the endings Bioware gave are great except the part where Shepard breathes, I mean come on you save the galaxy what more is there to do? P.S I finally realized why he was named Shepard when the boy asked:"Tell me another story about the shepherd " Nice one


i don't know


Hey, guess what? Bioware has finally heard our displeasure with their half azz ending. They are making alternate endings to give us more closure now. Then again, maybe this was Bioware's agenda all along to make us pay more money out of our pockets so we can be satisfied with the ending. Hmm...?


So I've saved the galaxy by wiping out all synthetics (Reapers, Geth, Edi) obliterating the Citadel which is the seat of power for the galaxy and stopped anyone from traveling outside their local cluster. Woo! Go ending!


The thing that ruined the ending for me is there was no real choice. No matter what you chose its all the same. If all humans died but it saved the rest of the galaxy that would have been better then that crap ending. What they could have done is have the same three choices but. Choice #1 Destroy the reapers. It blows up the Citadel, Earth and the entire system kill all in it and everyone else stays alive (reapers gone forever). Choice #2 Synthesis. Don't change a thing. Choice #3 Control. You control them. Mass relays don't get destroyed. You can even add to #1 destroy all synthetics. Boom a million times better. I thought that up in like five seconds. Bioware you should feel ashamed!!!!


For me, this wasn't a secret ending. I got it on my first play through.... And yes, I had the part where Shepard breaths...


Oh look, red ending


@portador_deluz - you liked it because you haven't thought about it, for people who played all three games and immersed themselves in the universe its easy to see that the destruction of the mass effect relays renders all your achievements invalid and probably means shepherd was responsible for more genocide than even the reapers managed. The fact that fans realised this but the writers didn't suggests it was rushed, poorly though out or done so that they could sell you books, comics and DLC that would explain all this for you, thats not epic, its pure corporate greed.


actually i liked it, it's epic and the only way a great game with a great story should end.


In the end, everyone dies...


why should we care he is alive isn't it the end of shepard's story anyway?


Thanks for posting this. I have been wanting to see what the other ending videos looked like.