Marvel Heroes - Chronicles of Doom Episode Two

Check out Episode Two in this four-part motion comic series, Chronicles of Doom.

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Chronicles of "to incompetent to let their free to play game work with my video card which is hardly outdated"

Yeah.  For folks trying to impress me into giving them money that's really a "fail."


@OdinssonThor GeForce GTX 260.  

Yes, a few years old.

Yes, driver updated.

Yes, works on everything they let me change the video preferences on.

Yes, eventually next year I'll upgrade.

Once again, a "free to play game" should be trying for the max number of players who'd be willing to pay.


@Poodlejumper i don't see how that is the problem since it works on Gts 8800. But graphic cards are not that expensive. Buy a used one for 40-50$. I recommend Gtx460. Maybe devs are to blame maybe nvidia is. But be sure they will do their best to correct that if that is the case. They are currently trying to launch the game for ultimate pack buyers, and it has been delayed. I understand your pain. Gaime is great. Wait for the forums to open or try to issue a ticket. They responded to me in a day max. Hope to see you ingame. :D