Making of Beyond: Two Souls - The Soundtrack

Go behind the scenes with world-famous composers Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe as they lend their insight into what it took to breathe musical life into Beyond: Two Souls.

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    Heavy Rain was one of my favorites!! and Beyond is going to be GREAT!!


    I can't believe they got Hans Zimmer in on it; he's one of my favorite composers :O

    Why did I laugh at the PS3 and get a 360 all those years ago ;____;


    beyond two soul will be better if its third person genre with ahuge world to explore it not moving stupid camera and pushing buttons and you call it that a gameplay style ??

    i dont mean of disrespect but thats my opinion dont you think guys??

    i wanna play ellen page as watchdog or GTA5 world some like that... i fell like their development of this game will be Scattered efforts ......:(


    Really looking forward for this game i hope people can notice this game and support it because is a really good game in many aspects so if we want to see more games like this one from quantum in the future they need our support, great music by the way just like last of us


    c´mon people only 2 comments 4 this amazing game, don´t forget about beyond, i know we r all crazy about GTAV


    this is the kind of game I believe is not going to appeal to a huge gaming crowd , although I think it should do well , I do admire what is being put forth here and I can almost imagine the frustration on getting every detail right because DC looks to be a fanatic and sometimes they just destroy their own self preservation striving for that certain perfection ! I like 3rd person games and of course this is on my list along with GTA V and WD's so you can see my variety that most would not even consider these together in their personal taste, in gaming and music you have to believe I DIG THE ULTIMATE EFFORT !