Let's Play - Total War: Rome II - Campaign

Trish Ryniak and Campaign Designer Dom Starr from Creative Assembly are discussing factions, diplomacy and the campaign map in this episode of Let’s Play.

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    please o please keep it complicated.....i dont want another shogun. So simple there wasnt enough to do. I miss Medieval total war ii and Empire (minus the bugs). That was the best! gimme that and ill give you my money!


    I want R2TW, Give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You guys look like you did an AMAZING job! Cant wait


    Hope they dont have the lame food system they had in shogun. Couldn't make enough farms for my castles. They need to change the tax system back to how it was in medievil total war 2 also. Main complaints i got for the new total wars games but still great games dont get me wrong.. Battles look awesome, hope they make a blood pack like in shogun. Maybe some body parts getting chopped off all over the place yeah..?


    Trish looks stunning !

    Rome 2 as well !


    Really looking forward to Rome II now, even more than I was before. Hearing that they will have a culture spread reminds me of Europa Universalis and the campaign map looks gorgeous.


    Most of it looks great save for the interface, UI and so on.

    Portraits are still hideous.


    Yeah they did that with shogun too. Didnt like the portraits for the units at all. On this one it looks like the building portraits are lame too. But still really like the total war series. Only really good strategy games coming out anymore seems like. :-/


    Yep i agree, really not a fan of the portraits for the units etc.


    Just applied for more overtime, gonna have that cash money for a new rig just in time for Sep 3rd. I sometimes think about what my life would be like without the Total War series and realize I would have probably spent allot of more time outside.


    The campaign map looks bloody good. Hope it runs smooth... Ahem Empire total war.


    @TotalWarHero What do you mean? Are you saying Empire TW didn't run smooth? Because it ran fine for me,


    Now this is what I call strategy, not that chaotic shit "DOTA2" . Pure GOLD. Give us the god forsaken DEMO already. Can't wait ...


    Instant orgasm.


    Kind of a strange video, but nice to see the setup for the campaign play, and the faction differences. It looks absolutely massive. Can't wait to get some barbarian hordes assembled and annihilate people.


    @hastati4 I'll take this sort of video over a glossy trailer every time.

    Much more informative and you get an actual idea about the interface and gameplay.

    facts over fluff ;)