Killzone: Mercenary - Gameplay Video

Check out gameplay footage from Killzone: Mercenary for Vita.

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    Could this finally be the first GOOD FPS game for the Vita? I just recently discovered the Killzone series, but I'm very excited for this entry. Here's hoping for some good reviews! I'll buy it regardless though.


    the gameplay trailer looks extremly edited and linar

    but my hopes are for the best


    Money is the true evil.


    I would buy a Vita just for this if it allowed me to kill that god awful character Rico from the main games.



    I hear you on that just finished playing killzone 2 and finishing up killzone 3 and ya I find myself wanting to kill the guy pretty much all the time totally a throw-a-away character if I ever seen one..


    @LittleChatelain Rico has to be one of the DUMBEST written video game characters of all time.


    All I ask from this title is for it to have a good balance between framerate, graphics, and gameplay. Sadly, a great number of vita games and ports (most of the ports from ps3, AC:L, Uncharted) all seemed to have framerate lags now and then. I just hope that Cambridge Guerilla will be able to pull of a fluid killzone experience that will finally prove that first person shooters can be played anywhere, anytime. Not to mention this is one of the few worthwhile exclusives other than Gravity Daze and the upcoming Soul Sacrifice (Yes, I might have missed one or two. Don't slaughter me over it). Oh, almost forgot Project Diva -F-, best game ever created! I'll make you all do the miku miku >_<


    I have my faith.


    @kljhkll I find this spam justified.


    It was inevitable that a portable FPS Killzone would release for the Vita, but you guys can really stomach the cheese here?


    @salvucci91 After COD: Declassified and Resistance: Burning Skies, I'm sure most vita fans, myself included, are willing to overlook the cheesy commercial so long as the game ends up as awsome as it looks.


    @Poncho_Hachacha @salvucci91 The fact it doesn't release till September 17 tells me this game will rock.It's not getting rushed out the door.Now we need a Gran Turismo,God of War...maybe a Jrpg..something like The Legend of Dragoon..Please Sony make it...


    Glad it appears they are actually giving the term 'mercenary' some meaning. Will hopefully put a nice little twist on the series.


    Keeping my hopes high! This game and Soul Sacrifice convinced me to buy a Vita...


    Why is this comment showing on killzone? I posted this on bioshock infinite. stupid gamespot.


    Finally Vita is getting its Killer App. This is a technically impressive looking game.


    I already have like 4 games and no vita, bet this one gets a 7


    I WANT to believe...


    If this game is as good as the trailer, then VITA is going to start pulling developers away from the consoles to make more games for it. If they just thought of it in simpler terms like this is nothing more than PS2 in my pocket with an awesome HDTV built in. Yes I know it's a bit more powered, but it's not as powerful as PS3 so call it PS2.5HD.


    @JunoWalker Vita is like a Ps3 just doesn't have the raw polygon count and well the Ps3 has Cell which does a lot of work.The Rsx is a shit Gpu,Sony should had went with Ati on Ps3.The 360 Gpu is a amazing gpu for it's time,that said the Rsx is a shader monster when it was released.I know Pc's had better hardware at that time as well.Hell my 450GTS paired with a E 5200 duo can bitch slap both Ps3/360.Still game like God of war3,Ascension,Killzone2/3,GT5,Uncharted 2/3,Halo 4,Forza 3,Horizon,Gears of War 2/3,still impress me with that level of hardware.


    Fantastic. Now THIS is the shooter for Vita we've been waiting for.


    hopefully it will be better than burning skies and BO declassified


    looks pretty good, hopefully it lives up to expectations.


    It looks really great indeed...


    I've been waiting for another Killzone game to satisfy my craving. I'm glad to see this game is turning out to be pretty bad ass. Love the visuals thus far. Can't wait to see more!


    also, here is extended and bonus video!


    @Plasmid_king completley agree on the ISA part


    I can't find words in any dictionary that could desribe how awesome I believe this will be :O


    This trailer was incredibly cheesy. And I kind of wish they went with a revamp of Liberation; they could've had it so you move with the left analog and fire in which ever direction you aim the right. All this does is lower my hopes for any future success of the Killzone franchise.


    I hope this game sells very well. Then maybe companies will see how well vita games can sell if the correct amount of time is put into development.


    that looks amazing


    Looks great, wish I had a vita, or it was on ps3 :/


    Visually blows away anything you can find on ios, android, etc.


    Wow!! that looks SICK! for a handheld system! I hope it does well :-/, If so looks like i'll be buying a vita lol :-D


    looks amazing


    omg... another badass Vita game for this year >..<; ... I love 2013~~~!!! Keep 'em come, Sony~~!!!


    Woah, this looks amazing. These graphics look great, I can't believe that's a handheld game. Lets hope this games turns out to be a good one, we know Vita needs it.


    according to ign its going to be set after killzone 1 and cover the event of the 2nd and 3rd killzone.


    Looks pretty good.


    well this looks fantastic, i did enjoy the 2nd and 3rd killzone, so hopefully this one as well. and yes! finally it looks like the vita will get a real fps instead of that half a** cod we got. now all we need is some solid rpgs and the vita is set!


    WOW i personally feel so jealous to you VITA owners ... this game looks stunning!!! It's surprising though! it's KILLZONE! I hope all you VITA players buy this incredible game and support their devs cuz this is worth it !!!!


    Seems pretty cool, but let's hope the final game turns out good as well. A lot of games have great trailers and then can't live up to them.


    Trailer did nothing for me. And people rip on Nintendo for "more of the same". This looks like just any other Killzone......aka another shooter. I think my Vita is heading to Ebay soon. I can get better versions of most games for my PS3, which I also barely touch.


    @JuanGrande386 Troll Much? I love Killzone,its not just another shooter.I like the story ,setting,and the graphics.So please if your going to Troll do it elsewhere.


    @JuanGrande386 This is a portable game. Please be advised that is why Mario portable games are made because you can play wherever you want to be or are forced to be.


    Here's hoping for good sales- I'd hate to see this tank the Killzone series the way Burning Skies did to Resistance. I still think hinging the future of a great series on one portable outing was a bad idea- particularly a rushed one given to Nihilistic.

    But Guerilla (and what I'll assume is the remnants of Psygnosis? they were based in Cambridge if I'm not mistaken and they certainly know their way around the Vita after Wipeout 2048) is great at making shooters, so I hope this turns the Vita's tide


    @grey_fox1984 People need to understand Nihilistic is a bad dev.Both resistance and COD were rushed.I heard COD was made in 9 months to a year.Killzone Merc has been in development for quite some time. << LINK REMOVED >> They really are going all out on this game.


    Uh oh I think the 3DS is about to eat dust. Serious dust.


    the weird thing is this actually looks more fun the console killzones.


    @i-blast-brain Killzone 2 and 3 are freaking incredible dude- the only weak one was the first one; but this one does look particularly awesome


    This game alone makes me want a VITA.


    @kramer_inc Hahaha, your comment should be framed at Sony so they get the motivation to start pushing for proper games at their board meetings when the 'why isn't vita selling?' question comes up


    Looks like Sony just made 40 dollars


    Does this look good for a DEDICATED handheld game? Absolutely! Man people need to give the Vita a break. There are many console games this generation that don't look as good as this, UC GA, Wipeout and the like. We have NEVER SEEN something like this on a handheld before. THIS is next gen dedicated handheld gaming. Get hype!


    @painpas Well it looks better then those lifeless ios and android FPS.Just the fact they are using the Killzone 3 engine is enough for me.


    good graphics for psp


    @Plasmid_king Still on that? C'mon son.


    Oh dear


    Holy hell, the narration is god awful.


    @megadeth1117 As much I liked the trailer, I have to agree that the flat narration was not suitable to the visceral visual.


    Seems this one is about to show what the Vita is made of.


    Looks awesome!!!

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