Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Trailer

Check out some intense monster-slaying action in this gameplay trailer for Kid Icarus: Uprising.

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why do they bother anyway with those crap voice actors, cannot even hire a boy for kid icarus voice, they gave him an old tweaked man voice, those limited minded people who made this game


Donkey Kong 64 3DS. nuff said.


Really cool action, looks promising but I agree with the EVIL PITT. Nintendo has to stop that in the future.


wow, good version and evil version. how original nintendo. I think the only one missing left is EVIL DONKEY and DIDDY KONG...


Look cool and pretty good gameplay. I may buy this game. ;)


Looks amazing,but I'm hating the new title design,the old one was fine.


Man, Pit sure is very well-armed. :shock: