Journey Level 2 Gameplay Movie

The entire second level of Journey is here for your enjoyment; this game really is beautiful.

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I would rather watch someone play this than play it myself, in my opinion when you're playing it almost feels harder to take the beauty of the game world in. =) Looks splendid. I only hope it won't be too short.


It's so serene, magical, mysterious, and adventurous!


wow i fell a sleep while watching this video, which tells me i am not getting the game


One thing I don't get is why it is still TBA.


This game looks absolutly hoping its $15


What an absolutely gorgeous game this is turning out to be. I'm really losing myself in the incredible atmosphere this game is evoking and the art style is just genius. So refreshing.


Oh... so this isn't really a wide-open world? It's still split into levels, albeit really huge ones? I would like to know if players can return to previous levels.


Wish they made more games like this.


Why do the people in gameplay movies always seem so clueless as to what they are doing (especially in first person shooters)?


Incredible, can't wait to play it


They missed the secret area behind the wall of sand.