Injustice: Gods Among Us Stage Demo with Ed Boon - EB Expo 2012

Everybody's favourite Kombat Kreative Director joins us on stage at EB Expo 2012 to show off and talk about Injustice: Gods Among Us!

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    The interview & questions for Ed Boon is what I paid the most attention to.

    The demo they showed was the video of the old demo, which has Superman vs Nightwing & Flash vs Cyborg. They just looped that video in the background over & over.

    They could have also shown Wonderwoman, Harley Quinn & Catwoman. They have already been announced by this time.


    I have big expectations for this, because they can put almost ANY character they want, not just only the obious.

    Maybe Killer Crock, or even Metallo.

    Hope DC dont screw this up


    Make Zoom an alt. costume for Flash and give him his own lines and name on health bar. You can pretty much double the roster with that kind of stuff. Bizarro for Superman would be a great one too.


    thank you ED Boon and John Tobias.


    Ed Boon thanks for everything!


    i kinda wish that the people who made arkham city make super man game .............. it would be fucking epic ^_^

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    @trywizard Like someone said. Is really hard to do a Superman game, since he is way overpowered, what kind of enemy can give superman a good battle? Only big guys, like darkseid, doomsday, or other overpowered enemies. I wish they would make a Superman game as good as Batman's , but it's really, really, REALLY hard.


    @trywizard maybe based on the famous death and return of superman storyline, that would be cool


    Jennifer Lopez song over this game? Holy balls.


    Hmmm somewhat interested I s'pose :)


    The little glimpses of character select screen show 24 slots. Not bat. Hopefully they'll use them wisely (As in, bring as many different heroes / villains as possible and don't stuff the game with 10 Batman villains).


    It looks ok but there's something that just seems off in the levels. Like they are mostly empty movie sets or something rather than actual living and breathing spaces. There's no crowds, weather or any life in the world.


    hope they put red hood


    Looks amazing best fighter of all-time


    Maaaaan it's just like looking at MK 9!I don't say it won't be fun but it just feels like a remake of MK with other characters.


    @rhymesmatter not really. For starters, you press back to block


    Green Arrow!!!!


    I sure hope the crappy framerate is from the feed and not the actual game... I realize it's a 30 fps feed, but often the smoothness of a 60fps game comes through on a slower feed somehow. Fighters are the last bastion of decent frame rates on console, sure hope this doesn't look to change that...


    Just get Killer Instinct on XBL arcade...can you just do that for now Ed?


    Hmmm, possibility of multiple Batmans or multiple universes.


    hey, here is a smart question, will there be any exclusive characters for different consoles? Example: Kratos (PS3)


    Infamous can be great as an exclusive character for PS3 since he is a hero as well



    And one of the only characters that uses lightning (other than Raiden) who I actually like!


    So... LOBO won't be in the game on release as he MAY be a DLC character. I can see a lot of people being pissed at this, but they should be happy that LOBO actually gets to be in the game, even if it is DLC.


    Superman vs Nightwing is just wrong on so many levels.


    @thribs lol superman should fight ...gods or something XD, unless u got some green rocks superman is pretty much a sure winner :P

    I like superman sue me


    @vadagar1 There is nothing wrong with liking Superman, I'm one of the minority who likes him more than Batman.

    I'm just saying its wrong as Superman is Nightwing's favourite hero. He even named himself after a Kryptonian legend.


    @thribs I suppose you're also the first person to ask why Sonic is in a car in the Sonic Sega kart racers?


    This guy is going to evey corner of the Earth to promote the game. I hope it sells well, I know I'm buying it.


    same here. i buying the game to support



    It shows personal pride and conviction in his work. He's willing to travel the world to tell everyone about it. I just hope he has time to actually work on the game and that he hasn't become just a figurehead for the company and spends all his time doing PR and marketing stuff.


    IDK....I've kinda made a decision not to jump on anymore fighting games cus I suck at them but.....I like Ed Boons brand of game.....Effit, I'll stick with him....this game just looks good and it's good to see it be it's own thing.



    It doesn't matter if you are bad, as long as you have fun.

    I rarely ever play games online with randoms. Mostly, I just play by myself or with friends. And playing a fighting game with friends is great fun, it doesn't matter who wins.

    I'm not a big fan of the Japanese fighting games personally.

    Unfortunately, there's only one Western dev who makes fighting games.

    Fortunately, that studio is NRS!


    Is his hair sprayed on?


    so whats that you said? you put a story mode in a fighter and people..liked it??? whats that people like story in fighting games? ...I told you so.

    As long as its good and entertaining people will enjoy it. I would love to see street fighter have a true story mode like mk


    I greatly enjoyed the last Mortal Kombat game, I can't wait to try Injustice.


    i wish they would make a dc vs marvel game, its been on my wish list for a while now.