Infinite Space Anime Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for Infinite Space!

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any ofthese cutscenes in the game?


English voice over are terrible. I could use a hack for japanese voice with english subtitles.


This is actually not from the game; it's the first episode of a promotional series made by Gonzo and Production IG (You can guess who did the script and who did the animation). The gist is, this is the start of Yuri's, the main character's, story. There are 3 other episodes, that show you some hints of what's going on in the universe of the game as well as the customization and evolution of Yuri's ship. Basically, there's a giant war going on between 2 factions, and Yuri joins the "Villianess' " faction. They win, but a third faction manipulating things behind the scenes appears, defeats Yuri and his allies, and he ends up growing old in prison while the real villians conquer the galaxy. But the game will probably have multiple endings and this is just one of them. The main problem with this, I think, is the bad translation. A lot of lines are not very well translated from the original short, so they seem confusing. That said, you can't fit too much into 16 minutes of footage anyway. Go check out the other shorts; they really pique your interest in the game.


Maybe I'm just a sucker for the space theme, but I'm really looking forward to more from this game. This trailer DOES have your "insert trope here" type characters, but that doesn't really bother me. I'd rather not be watching or playing as characters who don't really care about what they will eventually be fighting for. I'm wondering how heavily this game will focus on exploration and infiltration v.s space fighting. I'm especially hopeful for the spaceship; it would be a blast to heavily customise my own.


so what is this? and exploration RPG? or just another JRPG with different clothing?


Could do without the voice acting, but looks interesting.




hmmm.... this is new! the typical and boring Japanese absolutely confusing story made with the same looking characters for the last 4000 years... don´t mean to be rude, but is alwas the same with japanise cartoons, movies, manga, robots, etc, etc etc always super complicated stories mixing childhood traumas, spirits, gods, samurai / ninja stuff, same drawings (always), i remember seeing that sci-fi computer animated movie, Final Fantasy, about this it was so incredible complicated, thank god it was at least well made... my point is, for the last 25 years, they have gonne way to flat..they might done bigger robots, cripier little girls with insane powers, and Victorian futuristic stories... but at the of the day is all the same... c´mon gentlemen please evolve... since Mazinger Z it hasnt change anything...


Wow, that was...incredibly painful to watch. Another classic case of a game that will probably have good mechanics but the story will be too god awful to bare.


Whacked senseless, cliched, sci-fi space opera story. *Pfffftt* And a pink ship? It will probably be seen from light years away unless it hides against a nebula.


lol... "men, a few quick shots and they're gone" and that relates... HOW? looks pretty cheesy, i must say.


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hmm,,,,bit rushed i think,,,


The video doesn't really make sense.


This is actually the intro except in English.


Haha, Miss Anti-Man got pwned! Though if she just happened to have the resources for a ship which could get by then why did she get so easily owned, gee... Guess making sense of these things right now is silly.


HUh....I don't get it! I am definitely missing something...its like they spliced a few videos together to make that one.


Good gosh, whoever voices that older woman is absolutely terrible. Thats disappointing.


I want to play this game. But I hope they have it in subtitles.