Indie Hour - Zafehouse: Diaries Highlights

Indie Hour returns with Ed and Jess testing their relationships with the tactical turn-based zombie-survival relationship simulator from ScrewFly Studios, Zafehouse: Diaries!

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It looks fun when you guys play it but I think I'd just be frustrated with it. Zombie survival is a nice setting but games that set you up to fail isn't my thing.

It could work as a party game maybe.

Why were there so many priests btw? Did I miss the explanation?

Your profile at 5:55 is funny in a sexist sort of way. Good at cooking, cleaning and making distractions ahaha. At least you made that sweet glowing crowbar. Why hasn't anyone else thought of that xD

Where's Zorine btw? Seems like a lot of staff is missing this week. I've hardly seen any of the UK people either.

superbuuman how everyone ends up hating each other at the end. Couldn't follow the stream properly due to work..Will mostlikely end up getting this game. :)


I've seen this game on GOG and was wondering about it. I'll wait until a few of my friends give it a wack.

Zorine moderator staffmoderator

@Saketume Hi Saketume! I was very busy at work that day and couldn't make it to the stream. Fortunately, Jess kindly agreed to fill in! As for why there were so many priests, I think the game randomly generates the classes each time and that time it decided to give them priests, lol.


@xtrento733 And the inevitable freaky guy who stalks Jess.