Id Tech 5 Stage Demo Part 2

Take a look at some of the development tools found in id Tech 5.

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    Very impressive.


    it sounds simple but i know it's very complicated and stressful especially in the details. i admire how id could make such detail so quickly and almost perfect it. I hope its not as difficult as i expected it to be when i learn this too. But my eyes are getting too old way too fast but cant giv up! Still, this game's textures and graphics dont seem to be unpleasant at all. wish it was out now... so i can finish it asap!!! \m/!




    I am going to go to college to do exactly this stuff. I am going to be on environmental artist and designer so I am going to do this stuff where I make the actual geometry, and then make it look realistic. I really hope we get to use simular tools to this to help with bumpmaping, shaders and multilayered texturing.


    Another impressive game engine by Carmack!