Hitman: Absolution Interview With Christian Elverdam

GameSpot AU speaks to gameplay director Christian Elverdam to chat about Agent 47's return, the new instinct feature, and the improvements fans can expect!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I agree; a run-and-gun gameplay would completely ruin the franchise. However, the series does need an injection of frenetick gameplay, although, in the right sequences.

The fact that IOhas a very diverse mix of play-testers and listening to the all the fans of the franchise is a big up to them; in the end its the fans that make or break a games success. This looks set to be one of the best games of 2012.



hope so


now I have always loved the Hitman series but I only played Blood money and wish i played the other Hitman what really made me play blood money a lot is that the more you play the more ways you will find to assassinate your target wich makes you spend alot of time just movin around and exploring to find that best way and i think every one got different experiences out of it plus it super cool to read about it nxt day in the paper anyhow while this game looks super sick and cool i hope they didn't take that from Hitman rather work on it and stay true to the series but even if they dont i gotta admit this looks fun as a shooter and one of the best I have ever seen so i'll pick it up anyway but it will be one of the greatest games ever made if they stay true to Hitman and add more to it I just hope it keeps to the expatiations cuz for first time from so long I'm having high hopes >:)


@BSEE10 Ahh, you know what, you're completely right. I didn't even think about Metal Gear, it totally slipped my mind. I remember the Original Metal Gear, old school 8-bit version that came out in 1987 for a Japanese gaming system called the MSX2 and was then ported over to the NES. In that the stealth system consisted of hiding in a cardboard box and moving under the box when the guards weren't looking. So technically yeah, I have to give it to you there. Good catch man. I think when it comes to today's version of modern stealth in games however we still owe most of the mechanics used today to Hitman.


hope its hitman of old and not just run and gun


@RavenXavier I hate to disagree man, Hitman was one of the first but Metal Gear was the first to use stealth; way before the disc era came from which Splinter Cell is trying to imitate. But you were right, Assassin's Creed wasn't here if wasn't for Hitman. I'd say this update will be crucial; the level of attention to detail of AC was ground breaking. Enix on the other hand... well the story telling will be good but I'm not quite sure as for the other aspects. A lot of promise was stated from the interview, so... let us keep our finger's crossed.


If it wasn't for the "Hitman" series we wouldn't have games like "Assassin's Creed" or "Splinter Cell". Hitman was one of the first series to use stealth. The first Hitman came out in 2000. Splinter Cell followed in 2002. Now we have Assassin's Creed. They all owe a little piece of their original concept to the Hitman series. Hopefully Square/Enix will do it the justice the series deserves. I swear to the god's of gaming though they Better Not push back the release date for the PC version, which I'm betting they will to try to avoid piracy, and they'll feed us some kind of lame excuse for why the PC version will get pushed back to a month or so after the console release.


Please don't ruin what has been one of the most outstanding and unique series of games ever made, don't turn it into Conviction.


god i hope 47 manages to steal some if not all of Ezios' and assassins creed spotlight. 47 is a real assassin !!.assasins creed stopped being about assasinations a long time ago.


i think game bee so casual ... "Instinct" nah game like SC:Conviction rip out all Hardcore gameplay. This will be a diferent game not some old 47 series :(


not to be rude or anything like that, but don't you all hate it when a game like this one says "TBA?" i really hate that but by making us wait, they are building our anticipation up, well at least my.... i really really really CAN NOT wait for this beautiful masterpiece so i can play it..... Agent 47, you ROCK!!!!


instinct? i liked the trial and error aspect of the earlier games. it made you learn the layout of the levels which in turn, made it more fun to explore around and try new things


@ranx71 Dude what are you talking about? She saved both herself and 47.


that is a very cool move by interactive to take hitman game on a whole new level..this new engine looks exquisite


this game gonna smash the floors mark my words


Are that video intro show killing of "Dyana" what a biatch, betray that gay like is Mr.47 :(((((((


Also I want to hear more about arrest mode...it would be cool if there were some slick ways of slipping out of custody without having to go balls out.


This video made me feel more comfortable with the game. After the first few sneaks of it I was afraid it would be too combat focused. I don't know how I feel about the more personal story-line. I never really cared too much about the story in these games. I'd almost rather just take contract after contract and really feel like I'm just a hitman working a job. But I guess it's all about how the story is presented.


Yaay! Murder!!


i hope they don't mess this up, because i like this series.


Screw MW3 i want this


Keep your Skyrim, keep your Halo, Keep your Gears of War. I CAN NOT WAIT TO PLAY HITMAN 5.


I will be very very upset if they screw this up.


HITMAN!!!!! kill a MAN!!!! :) snake eye!!!!!! wooooooooo :)


can't wait to meet "agent 47" again :)


hitman is back with a bang.... really waiting for this one.........


This looks like its going to be very very big


Awesome, but seeing through walls? I love how the missions took a long time because you had to stake out the entire place and map enemy movements. Ah, I can also decide not to use it ;)


looks fully sick mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it sounds like they corrected all there mistakes, SOUNDS LIKE; lo interactive always has great concept but they always have stupid easily avoidable things ruin there games, namely ai, and variety.


wow. the water is so real.


Wow. Those cinematics are totally photo-real. They must have been CPU hell to render.


Looking forwarded to it.


If any point in time while standing behind someone, you wished, that you had a fibre wire in your hands. Thumbs up this


Perhaps a new (fifth) difficulty level: Rookie; Normal: Expert; Pro; X47, (or something to that effect) And for crying out loud - give Mr 47 a luxuriant safe-house with a walk-in closet containing all his weapons, and a wardrobe of collectible disguises. And the man, after 4 games, should be getting laid this time around. Unless perhaps clones don't F@#$.


ok, when will I be playing this??!!!!!


You can't get closer to looking like real life than this!!!!!


The cinamatic graphics are just f****** great man!!


Sense enemies? Wth?


Instinct? I thought in the old games you had to watch what the people were doing not just be told...


Hitman has one of the best premises for a game ... if they get everything right this is gonna be my favorite game


There better be an option to disable noob-friendly Instinct. Else, as much as I love Hitman, I'm not buying this.


Just release the dang game already! its been far too long since blood money came out


Yeah It's Time To Assassinate Someone :D


@Raideh It's kinda hard not to compare the two.....for me anyways.... Both games have the same composer, Jesper Kyd and both games involve the same thing just done a little differently..... Agent 47 is a Hitman, an Assassin is the same exact thing.....think about it.


I just want a new Blood Money. Hope they don't mess the game too much to make it more "mainstream"


Never been into the Hitman games but I think I just may have to pick this title up when it releases.


hey mr. elverdam, i really love the way you are dressed.. it is super styling and amazingly super cool.. i love you, man... i hope they come out with this game sooner because after this trailer, i had to swim across my room to get out because i flooded my room with my own drowl.... lol... and... i love the instinct act.... imposing a cop, flipping sweet............... can't wait.... COME ON!!!!


I'm a huge fan from Hitman series. I play all my games only on hardcore modes. And Hitman is no exception, I always play on the hardest difficulty just to get the "silent assassin" status. Don't take that away from me!


I bet they'll screw up 47. They're trying to turn it into a movie, my God, there was nothing better that the feeling you were going to be caught in Blood Money trying to hide a body or studying the enemies path. Those kick ass contracts with rooms full of enemies and we would struggle with our brains just to find out the best path to kill just the target. Blood Money was one of the only games I cared to play on Professional mode and get a high ranking. And now they'll just turn everything for easy playing. It sucks!


I hate seeing TBA in the release date

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