Hitman: Absolution - Deluxe Professional Edition Unboxing

Hitman: Absolution's Deluxe Professional Edition and all of its coolness gets unboxed in this video.

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    where is PC Version ?


    still a cool package, However in the U.S we only had the Professional Edition Available and the DLC that was include was released day one as DLC for .99 cents for each gun, I love the game, huge fan of the series but explain to me what I spent the additional $30 on then...? artbook and making the game dvd and a paper game case? I would prefer plastic or the tin case. I recommend that standard edition as I wasted my money on this edtion.


    i am not going to disrespect here because i would NEVER do that to ANY game. i RESPECT all games and all the companies that makes different games.. awesome statue, guys and i love you guys as well because you both did EXTREMELY AMAZING talking about it.... i have this bad boy on my christmas list and once i get it i am going to my room lock my door and i wont come out... lol hahah but i love these types of games. you can use stealth and i would go stealth all the way... i don't want to be rude but do you know what would be super cool... like hitman: codename 47, hitman: contracts, hitman: silent assassin, and hitman bloodmoney you guys should remaster them in HD for the playstation 3. i dont mean to be rude but i am betting that people who love games will buy those. i would.... i SERIOUSLY would buy those in a HEARTBEAT!!!!


    i hope this game has morel levels than blood money


    give me


    Bring this to canada guys and I think the states as well cant pre-order it either!!!!


    Haha! Little Big Planet Hitman :)


    Why did they have to make the statue look like that. If it was in game model 47 as a statue then I would have gotten this Deluxe Professional Edition.