Hawken Live-Action Teaser Trailer

Here's a live-action teaser trailer for Hawken, a first person mech shooter utilizing the Unreal 3 engine.

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    I'll wait for mech warrior


    how can I download this game?


    Giant robots yum!


    Join: http://www.playhawken.com/index.php?ref=E090F3C4


    ugh political correctness games? Realy?


    join me..............http://www.playhawken.com/index.php?ref=2D9D06FA


    Why does a free to play multiplayer only game need a live action trailer? It doesn't even explain anything about the game!


    @GarGx1 "Marketing" the word u r looking for is "Marketing"


    @GarGx1 This has got to be one of the best looking FREE TO PLAY game ever and you are complaining about the teaser? spoiled brat.



    I have not denounced or derided Hawken (the game) in way shape or form. I questioned their reasoning for an obscure trailer that does nothing to promote the game. The trailer is bad regardless of the game quality.

    Also please don't insult or attack others for having an opinion that differs from your own.

    I do love the way people like yourself, automatically presume that they are talking to a child because they are on a game focussed web site. Many people, many cultures, even more opinions. Express your own and let others do the same.



    Right, of course, they make an "F2P" (they're never really free, they just have an expanded demo/trial) that actually looks any good, we're queued to bow down or bend a knee in unconditional gratitude. Sheep...

    It's irrelevant how good a game is. If there is a trailer for it that is bad, it should be denounced as bad.


    This doesn't show me anything about the game.


    @Crypto6969 It shows that these so called Indie developers also love to waste money on random shit when they get their hands on publishers. Not just AAA developer disease. All you need is money.


    Was I the only one who liked this real-world interpretation of the game?


    I wish companies didn't come out with crap like this, and instead spent that large amount of money on QA and alpha testing. And most likely, better servers.


    should have been a bit longer


    @Psycold The Tapes comin out in a few months. We're getting paid!!


    I normally don't like live action bs but this was pretty cool in a strange way.


    lol damn...so much hate for this trailer. I thought it was kinda cool - who doesnt like mechs. Its true that there isnt a point but I think its good for generating attention and hype. Maybe it IS cheesy and maybe it is crappy acting but lol are you watching for the people or the mechs fighting each other? I dont know.


    please stop making these live action advertisments for our games.. They are misleading and very badly acted.


    As a cinematographer, i'm getting tired of these action movies color correction... why everything should look green? Cheesy.


    @euphoric666 Because the game's main color is somewhat green and yellow. Shut up if you don't know anything about what you're talking about


    @doremonhg9x you're such a polite person. Congratulations for your parents on your education.


    And the point of this trailer was? to show us that Cryengine still looks better then Unreal Engine? :P


    @Kisalon Or that Unreal Engine still sells more copies to even Indie developers now? Despite going free even now Indies picked Unreal to make Hawken like game instead of hypeCry engine?


    am I the only one annoyed by all this movie trailers? it's a game not a movie, why try it to look like one?


    @Kyrylo Yeah I hated when developers forced me to watch this live action trailer, just like they forced you. Those evil bastards..


    @desmasic it's not about forcing. IT's about wasted money and time, they could spent on the game or CGI Trailer that represents the game. Honestly, the game looks nothing like film, so why to show living people, when none is to be found in the game.


    Oh yeah I'm so pumped for the next Wing Commander game!


    That... was a really bad trailer... Didn't know about this game and now I don't want to know any more about it.


    This was absolutely stupid. I thought it was a commercial at first, I was expecting it to say something about how "The Future Is Yours - Go Army" by the end of the teaser. Dumb bro-mech Sci-fi.


    Wats the point of live action Traliers? It doesn't show you anything and it has nothing to do with the game itself. Show us the game not that you have allot of money for ads.



    See that column of thumbnails to the right of the page entitled "Related Videos"? Plenty of gameplay featured in those, and if you've been aware of this game for longer than it's been featured on Gamespot (like myself), then you'll be fully cognisant of it's virtues.

    Also, this game will kick Mecha-ass (including that of MechWarrior Online)




    Good bye MechWarrior!


    @blacksaibot really? i prefer mechwarrior gameplay than hawken. If feels much more a simulator than a shooter


    @y3ivan You can just tell that blacksaibot isnt a MechWarrior fan. Any MechWarrior fan would look at Hawken and laugh their azzes off.


    Damn. But still if they don't remove the shake effect when you run, I think I'll get tired of it after an hour.


    whatever, I vote on Mechwarrior Online.


    Unreal 3 looks real...not Unreal....oh wait Live action, then GS whats the point of saying it's using the UT3 engine?


    @SpazldNinjaDude its using UE 3.0 since early development stage. Although the initial idea was to be on the consoles.


    @SpazldNinjaDude They're saying Hawken uses Unreal 3. The description of Hawken comes after the comma. It is a little confusing at a glance.