GS News - Xbox 720 could block used software, says Eidos

Microsoft's next Xbox will require an always-on internet connection and block pre-owned software, says Ian Livingstone.

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    why an internet connection


    Bad idea from Xbox...


    xbox 720


    Is this really new GS? I'm sorry but we've heard the same rumours about the PS4 and NextBox for over a year, so I'm really cynical about them popping up at convenient times as new.

    As for the substance of this. As I said after Sony confirmed used games will be playable on PS4 and with Nintendo's Wii U not having that block either that's the end of the used games ban discussion for the time being. Going it alone on an issue like this would be commercial suicide because of how much more it'll cost gamers to have a Nextbox rather than either of the other two consoles. And Microsoft will be aware of this so it's not going to happen.

    Also in today's world of mostly third party game publishing the companies who'd want a block on used games are the third party ones, not the in house studios as they make so few games.


    I owned a PS1 and 2. I bought an X-box 360 for 1 reason, a better controller and a couple of exclusives. I dont mind DRM but contant connection for all games? PS4 will be much more attractive if this is the case.


    If the next Xbox blocks used titles and requires a constant online connection (which I don't always have available), I'm buying a PS4. It really is that simple.


    @Devin-B I think I would feel more inclined to getting a PS4 instead of the Xbox if that rumour is true...

    Besides me having a pretty decent internet connection getting a few bucks back for a game I don't use anymore being a non-existent would be something to annoy me, blocking pre-owned games is bad for business in a whole I'd say.


    @Devin-B For me personally, the Steam Box looks most appealing


    @Devin-B FYI The PS4 will need an always on connection too, was even talked about in their conference, they just didn't use the words "always online"


    @Devin-B Agree mate.
    Blocking used games will make many Xbox fans (including me) to make a move on PS4.


    @GearDoGi @Devin-B These are just rumours. We know nothing about xbox yet. As much as i am axcited about the ps4 we have to remember that this is the calm before the storm...


    This is probably all part of their plan, you see? They're gonna make the 720 easy to break so when you get a new one you'll have to rebuy all your games, because they're gonna be blocked on your 2nd 720


    Supposedly, comprehend that word. Livingstone is playing the guessing game like we are with the rumors. This is not news.


    Must we be teased mercilessly? seriously this is getting me mad and why is Shaun wearing a tease shirt?


    To be honest No one in the Media (or in my opinion) or gaming industry knows for sure what Microsoft will have planned as to what features the consoles will or won't have until Microsoft themselves has their press event in April.

    Personally i think it would be stupid to block the ability to play used games and alienate gamers that will drive them to the PS4. I'm gonna wait and see what will happen before i jump the shark on the 720's features!!!


    @Ranma_X_basic Aye, it's a very silly thing for them to do. No-one is going to buy all their games again just because their console broke. And not only will they have to buy another copy of the game, they would have to buy a brand new copy. I also prevents people from going around to their mates house's with the games and literally wastes the disk.


    Very silly idea if it does. I mean, I'm on my second 360 at the moment (a slim, replacing my original console that's disc drive started to stop reading discs). I'd be rather annoyed if all the games I'd bought didn't work on the replacement console.


    look at that picture of livingstone, it's like he's just saying "na, just f***ing with ya"