GS News - The War Z removed from Steam

Valve says it mistakenly published Hammerpoint Interactive's open-world zombie game; refunds available.

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    this game could be fun, but unfortuantly it's just human farming, I never saw one person even care about a zombie, might as well just elminate the zombies, all the ppl do is stay by where the guns are and headshot ppl trying to get them, yeah real fun.

    I tried to do it the way I thought I would play, find food and weapons and try to build up my supply and go kill zombies and maybe fend of some humans, but gettting a gun without getting killed is extremely hard, no one even tries to do anything but kill the guy going for the gun, yes that is the point of the game it's a survival game I understand that, I appreciate that, it's just plain and simple lame on people's part, what fun is pvp if it's not a fair fight. Sorry I just think there should be some honour in pvp, killing an unarmed person with a AR-15 is far from leet skills as the little dip-sh-ts say out there.


    I did get a refund when I found out how the game really isn't an MMO 40 man servers really isn't an Massive online game


    People do know that this game is a survival game? If you researched the game you would find that everything that people are now complaining about, where the features designed for this game.

    Maybe people should go outside and get a job.


    Get this trash off the front page.


    buying a game without trying it first is = to marrying a girl without sleeping with her first...stupid to say the least...


    @squidbilly22 Uhm, okay... Except this is the situation where both fathers arranged the marriage and you either take the wife without getting to know her or never, ever getting married and you're just left wondering what could've been for the rest of your life.

    In other words there is no demo and what they promised and photo-shopped into their screen shots made the game look awesome. So we all took a chance since it was supposedly a lot like DayZ but not as buggy/robotic.

    Still very true but WarZ just sucks hate to say it. I look forward to the DayZ standalone but there is NO WAY that's a day 1 purchase. It's the same engine so scripting will be alive and well in that game.


    Yeah I played warz, I don't recommend it, Dayz is much better.


    I was curious about this game when i first heard about it, then as i was reading someones comment on their facebook page, something happened. Someone made a very logical and polite point about the game and had an honest reference. I went back 2 minutes later to double check what the reference he wrote was and it was gone...they must have deleted his post. I was kinda shocked to see that they were censoring honest people that were making honest points about their game. So i got extremely suspicious and cautious about this game. Not going to get it because the guy sounds like a huge asshole :)


    A word to the wise: just play Day Z, the Arma II mod. It is much better in every way, and is less buggy even in alpha version. I'm pretty sure this game just tried to rip off of them so hard anyway.


    Purchased the game, played it and In my opinion this game SUCKS.


    There is no controversy.

    The game is unanimously bad and the developer is trying to rip-off the buyers, another unanimity. Can't see any controversy.

    What one could expect from the guy that helped to produce Big Rigs, the worst game of all time, then ripped-off another game, and then the buyers?

    There is no way this guy could be arrested?


    So glad they did this... There was so much noise on the steam forums about this because of the blatant lies (again) and false advertising that came out of Hammerpoint.

    I pre-ordered it before the alpha began (Oct 15th), and played it almost every day into early December. The forums were highly censored. Any threads on hacking or criticism about the game were deleted and players banned from the forums, sometimes for a week, like myself, or sometimes forever. They had an okay excuse for no talk about hacking but it was clear that, besides lying about literally every single thing about this game, they were lying about either how many hackers were being caught and banned or how many there actually were in the game world.

    I mean, there were even threads made by people claiming they were banned while playing the game, and that they couldn't log back in due to them "hacking." This happened a lot - so much so that it was clear their crappy anti-cheat wasn't working. Then they got rid of the 3 packages you could buy in pre-order and the first month or so of the game, saying they're gone forever and that new people will have to pay more, as a token of their appreciation to the first players who funded the game. Nope, the 3 packs appeared on Steam, just not named the same.

    I'm sure there's a lot of good people working there, and you can tell the good ones from the bad on the forums, but wow this company just deserves to fail. The lead dev needs to learn a lesson about manners, customer relations, and spell check; it's absurd people still believe in that heap of crap.


    @Entropy730 Some appreciated insight from another gamer; we thank you good sir. I wanted this game to do well and I was probably going to pick it up, but negative things keep surfacing and now I'm not so sure.


    @Orkk aw thanks guys. i don't want to see people fall into the same trap so i tell everyone as best i can the situation. though if i could rewrite my post, i'd probably add some stuff in and write it a little better. thanks for letting me know my feedback was appreciated! i don't wanna see this company scam anyone else.


    @Entropy730 Thank you. Your comment was much more informative than any editorial on this topic!



    I'm not sure I've ever seen so much controversy for a game before.



    As I posted above, I can't see any controversy. The game is unanimously bad and the developer is trying to rip-off the buyers, another unanimity.