GS News - Sony patents tech to block used games

Technology giant submits application for "Electronic Content Processing System" that would tie individual game discs to one user account.

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    they are giving us plenty of games for free on psn + and loads of other good value content. there are always loads of download offers available to cater for lots of tastes. retail game prices are reduced so quickly by supermarkets i cant see blocking second hand sales to be any harm. its usually a waste of money buying second hand these days anyway because you jave to spend another £7.99 for an online pass to pay on line. if they block second hand games they need to reduce retail prices and download load prices. also id like to see them release downloads of full retail games up to a week early as incentive to buy online.


    The end is upon us!


    Ill get my used games from the pirate bay, no problem


    Way to bite the hand that feeds yeah f***tards lmao


    This is seriously one of the worst ideas Sony has come up with. I have been a long term fan of Sony's consoles since PSX, and I can say my devotion with the company will indeed dissolve if this feature is included with PS4 (Orbis). They should take into account that the US, one of their biggest consumer outlets next to Japan, is going through harsh economic times and restricting to use of preowned games will just make it harder for them to make money. I for one will switch to Microsoft's new console if this becomes a reality.


    AJjaJA let's switch to pc games better...


    Hey.... What a great Idea! Lets screw over our consumers so we can line our pockets!! ( And they wonder why they got hacked...Snort chuckle) Seriously though Really sony? REALLY?

    With all the stupid dlc and purchases online you are really going to put something out there that stops people from going to their friends house to show off their new game or lending each other games they both own? Things get stolen and things get pirated but you are punishing the wrong consumer area here. I am a loyal buyer of new games but if this comes to into force I may have to drop my favorite system. I have gotten more people to buy new games from lending them the one I already own. You are on the right track with the code needed to get online (which you don't get from a used game) I hope you don't implement this feature and read what your fans have to say and it seems I am not alone in this area.


    Worst idea ever?


    We all have seen Sony back pedal before i.e. 6 axis controller rumble feature. When sales start to slump and the lines at Check Traders are full of Sony employees in major parts of Japan, they'll be reasoned to shit can that patent idea. Trust me!!


    @Gelugon_baat Wow, you got balls......


    Let the hating begin....


    Okay i will not a buy PS4 and i will just use my money to buy a new gpu. Thank you for ruining the gaming industry.

    Sincerely yours,

    Former Sony fanboy


    i deal with you


    @playtaion999 @risako9 The pic is obviously not of the user and does not necessarily represent the users gender; guys often use pics of females.

    If you want to believe in the "rules" then there are no females on the internet, just G.I.R.L.


    @playtaion999 @GamerLegend10 @risako9

    I know lol, i said "If you want to believe in the "rules"" but obviously there are females on the internet.

    My point was that you never know who is real & who is fake (unless proof is given). There are a lot of guys on the internet who pretend to be females, thats why i said "G.I.R.L." meaning Guys In Real Life.

    There are many reasons why a person would do this, tricking guys for fun (well, fun for sick low lives), trying to get info out of people or nude pics (for pleasure or blackmail), or scamming someone, to name a few of the most common reasons. There are many fake profiles on facebook, dating websites and many other sites. I have seen guys pretending to be girls on xbl, on facebook, even here on GS and other sites, its very common.

    And there are a lot of guys who just use female pictures for their profiles, not to be misleading just because they like to, or want to keep their gender anonymous.

    That's why the silly "rule" exists, its like a safety measure.

    Anyway all i was saying is that you shouldn't assume they're female just based on their profile pic, but perhaps they are, idk, thats my point.

    I have wrote quite a lot, sorry, hope i explained myself well enough dude...or dudette?? see, no idea, lol.



    @Gelugon_baat Why not, it's very important. Also, like them on facebook, and follow them on Twitter.


    @Gelugon_baat You don't like that desperate tone in their voice whenever they try to get you to do it?


    Make sure you subscribe on youtube guys.



    Well thats fine, because the DLC rip-off has curbed my spending already, so this will just send me back to retro gaming altogether, with quite a few other gamers I would guess. Dust off those N64's, wipe down ye old PS2 & try & fix that Saturn, were going back in time till the industry starts listening to the people who made it as big & powerful as it has become.