GS News - Same-sex romance confirmed for SWTOR

BioWare producer says same-gender options with some NPCs--but not companions--will be available with upcoming expansion.

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This reminds me of the time they delayed rated PvP so that they could launch the next iteration of the legacy system. This is not an "mmo-player's" MMO, this is an MMO for someone who really likes Bioware's RPGs and doesnt really care about things like balance, pvp or endgame.

As someone who had very high hopes for this game come launch, I continue to be disappointed by its direction, or lack thereof.


BioWare getting desperate??

We wanted from the begining Kotor 3, not a game that now finds "a great ideea of marketing" like lets introduce same sex romance .The ideea was also present in Kotor 2 ,now i wonder do we bought that game because of that, NOOOOT


Put it in.

Don't put it in.


Most people don't care either way--in fact, the only reason I care is because I have had to constantly hear about it since this game's announcements.


No one cares. Stop pandering to minorities, whether it's people who feel they're left out, people who sympathize with people who perceive to be left out, or bigots and haters who are gonna hate.


Stop talking about it. Maybe they should focus on making a game that isn't mediocre for a change. TOR wasn't as successful as hoped because of game design, not because of same sex romances.