GS News - France wins StarCraft 2 WCS Euro finals

At the StarCraft 2 WCS European finals, Evil Geniuses' Stephano from France comes out on top -- securing himself $24,000 and a spot at the world finals in Shanghai, China.

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Hmm, it so happens I'm going to be in Shanghai during the finals....


He lost only one series which is a best of three. He did lose games in the tournament, but not a series up to the finals.


Since the tournament is a double elimination type, the losers bracket finalist (VortiX) has to beat the winners bracket finalist (Stephano) in two consecutive series (meaning two BO3) in order to claim the title. Stephano lost the first series 1-2 and in the second series beat VortiX 2-0.


You can also say - tens of thousands of viewers as viewership on the main stream hit an average of 60k and peaked at 100k for the finals.Another fun fact - VortiX and LucifroN (second and third place respectively) are brothers.


It was a real good event, from games to production. The FREE HD stream went over 100000 for the finals and was smooth. MLG has a lot to learn from this.