GS News- EA not offering refunds for SimCity digital copies

Publisher says it generally does not offer refunds for digital games sold through Origin.

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    Can't a valid complaint be made to a(n) (inter)national consumer rights association?


    EA sucks so bad. when will they learn!


    EA, You screwed them again with your servers. Sims Online sound familiar? Motor City Online? I told you never again. Seems I was right. Now I hear you are going to ruin Command and Conquer Generals 2 by making it online only. When will you learn. You keep killing good games like this, and you will find EA stands for Empty Account.


    This is why you just don't buy digital.


    Well, if EA won't give you a refund on your defunct product, request a money back transfer at your bank.

    EA will ban your Origin account then, but most people lured into this mess most likely only have this single game (and perhaps Battlefield 3 or DeadSpace 3 which suck just as much) on there anyways, so it's not much of a loss to get banned there.

    When you got your 60 EUR / USD back you can buy SimCity 2000, SimCity 4 Deluxe, Cities XL Platinum, Cities in Motion and still have about half of it left to spend on other stuff or save it up for Cities in Motion 2 or Train Fever or similar soon to be released good games.

    If EA / Maxis should then decide to grow a brain and listen to the feedback requesting offline mode for SimCity (2013) and get rid of Origin exclusivity, you can still buy it again then. (if you still care that is)


    sim city 4 FTW


    Hey it looks like a great game. but i guess that it is just not ready


    I can at least now connect to the servers. Still doesn't do me much go because after about 5 minutes of playing the game it completely crashes my computer! How? My screen goes black and after a little bit my Monitor tells me it lost it's video signal! I can still hear the audio in the background but I can't do anything. I have to hardware kill my PC and then boot back up. It does this every single time I try to play!


    Stupid EA. I think next Dragon Age will have same online shit like sim city. Assholes.


    still waiting on a torrent for this POS, I'm confused, i thought Carolyn was a girl name?


    @Wayoff333 She's a male to female transvestite. Finally a gaming website that isn't shy about standing up for LGBT rights.


    See this is why I don't buy digital copies of games.


    Utter PR disaster for EA Games!!!


    I think the marketing guy offered the refunds thinking there wouldn't be that many. Then the flood of outraged customers happened and they had to back-pedal on the refunds super-fast.

    Who cares about customer service - that's money we've already booked into our shareholder reports!!!


    OMG, you sound like a boy


    I was really looking forward to the new SimCity, as Societies was a real joke.

    But then I had learned that it would require a constant connection, and instantly thought "Another disaster - stay away" The last EA game I bought was 3 years ago - Dragon Age Origins. Excellent game that was severely stained by the server connection issues. Their support was just as bad as the chat Lord_Vader posted.

    Companies that don't give a sh!t about their customers don't deserve my money, so I don't buy EA games anymore. It's that simple.


    Whoever still buys games from EA, as no reason s to complain. You deal with the devil, you get burned. Did you actually expected them to give you your money back after they have it on their side?


    EA a few days ago: "We'll offer refunds!"


    "But we'll ban you from any of our games if you try hard enough to get it!"

    EA Today: "We lied about the refund part."


    @Lord_Vader Wow how disgusting do EA want to be about this, the audacity is astounding.