Gaming Meme History: Jill Sandwich

This week Jess McDonell explores the realm of awkward that is Resident Evil's voice acting and the memes that came with it.

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    EVERYTHING is better seen first-hand rather than recounted. If you have video, SHOW IT.

    And @brainiac1988 , the terrible voice acting was the best part! My roommate didn't have a memory card, so I had to sit through unskippable dialog like:

    Male 1: "Barry! Where's Barry?!"

    <awkwardly long pause while everyone stands perfectly still>

    Male 2: "I'm sorry, but he's probably..."

    <awkwardly long pause while everyone stands perfectly still>

    Jill: "*gasp* NO!"

    It all fed into the whole cheesy classic horror movie vibe I'm pretty sure they were going for. The only thing they were missing was an up and coming actress exposing herself during a pace-killing sex scene.

    I have been known to unexpectedly spout "Barry! Where's Barry?!" despite (or perhaps because) no one gets it to this day.


    Wow the voice acting is horrible..never played the original RE 1 on PSX.

    I remember RE 3 Nemesis though (also with Jill) and it wasnt that bad. The GC Remake of RE 1 on the other hand, also had pretty dull voice acting.. Staying true to the original I guess :-)



    He happened to be on the cover box art too. They might as well have named it "Guitar Hero 3: Slash's Quest"


    I don't remember him saying that ;v


    @Suikogaiden too many likes



    Did they ever do a "all your base are belong to us" meme vid? I like that meme...


    This is what people think when they hear "Jill sandwitch"? I think of something far dirtier and naughty...


    @Leir_Bag I actually had same thoughts like you ;D I thought that the line would be more...naughty than just a joke made out of serious situation like ...being squashed.


    lol nice :D


    What do I think about the Jill Sandwich meme? I think you and I should discuss it over dinner ;)


    i like the "Do a barrel roll!" Apprsro made a funny cartoon that incorporated that :-)


    Who else didn't have a memory card and memorized the first 20 minutes of Resident Evil 1? I did!


    Do we think this meme is overrated? ALL memes are overrated. That's why they're called MEMES and not JOKES.


    My favourite meme so far is from Assassin's Creed 1 - What sorcery is this?!


    lol, Vita


    Why does she sound like she's gargling marbles?! Did Carolyn Petit punch her in the throat before they filmed this?? It's like listening to a cassette just before the batteries on your Walkman die!


    @JBStone1981 you even hate on her when its not even her article? God you're a loser. I bet you were up all night thinking of that too.


    @JBStone1981 It's called an Australian accent, dickhead. Get used to it.


    talking about bad voice acting with her voice so quiet and barely understandable, how ironic


    @corne1ius No, it would be ironic if she were acting poorly. (Or if you were making a video on how not to be a jerk.) But speaking volume is not equal to acting ability. Just FYI.


    @corne1ius English is not even my native language, and I understand her pretty well.


    I think "A winner is you" from old classic memes haven't been described yet. "Will it run Crysis?" and "Giant enemy crab" for more recent ones.


    man remember when he holds out his gun and says "I have..... this!"

    So cheesy, so awesome. I miss those days.


    jess mcdonell sounds a little like jill,,kidding;p;),,best cutscenes re-evil when u did like it was a on a show,,it wasnt funny;)


    HAHA it sounded like barry said "You were almost a jiggle sandwich" HAHA


    i hope this isn't Chris's blood!


    CTRL-F, "Jess Sandwich"... Results: surprisingly few.


    How about the hitman meme?

    Seriously gamespot, you are way back with the game memes. There are tons out there and you pick only the old ones.


    @toderascu23 We've done Skyrim and Heavy Rain - those are pretty new - but I'll check this one out!


    Capcom ruined what we knew about Jill...and there trying to destroy megaman


    I have no idea why these two lines were singled out from the entire game's script or why its even funny to begin with...


    @Double_Wide I have an idea why you have no idea. because you have no idea about RE?


    The "master of unlocking" line stuck with me the most. It was so early in the game, and it's the cheesiest line ever written anywhere. I never really knew the "Jill sandwich" thing was a big deal though, go figure. Oh, "Bimmy and Jimmy Lee" from Double Dragon 3 on the NES. The FIRST word on the screen when you turn on the game is MISSPELLED, HA!


    How do I skip/mute the ad???


    "You, the master of unlocking" LMAO CLASSIC


    @Chrypt22 I agree. Although it's necessary to confront the issue I believe giving into these bullies and 'shouldering' responsibility is a bad idea when the video game industry simply shouldn't have to. Other forms of media have gotten away with similar behaviour for decades and have rarely, if ever, come under fire; TV, films, radio, music, magazines, even newspapers and yet gamers suddenly have to sit down, shut up and do as we're told? It's been proven again and again that there's no substantial link between video game violence and violence in kids and that it's indistinguishable from the influence of other forms of media, so why must video games be constantly targeted and run down? Because they're an easy target for vultures like Lee to muster credibility that's why. To give the impression he actually gives a damn about American children instead of confronting real, important issues. I appreciate the need to be level headed but I believe articles like this, trying to appease by admitting guilt, will only make things worse. This industry has endured enough victimisation and we've nothing to apologise for.


    Valve should put this in the Team Fortress 2!!!also why all the way back to PS 1 version? the game cube remake was great!


    There was something magical when you played RE1 and looked over at your friend when they said "master of unlocking" and "jill sandwich" . For a moment, all the fear and tense atmosphere melted into laughter. I'm sure I'm not the only one here with that memory.


    now i am hungry +_+ , for some reason i want to eat a sandwich


    Noticing a lot of "new" faces after the new year. Maybe I just didn't see them before, but keep up the good work anyways Gamespot!


    @FallenOneX A lot of the UK guys are relatively new and myself and Zorine (our community manager) are newish from AU!


    That laugh track is hilarious lol


    Can't let you brew that, Starbucks.


    It's funny how cheesy the dialogue from some of the "classics" are now.

    BTW Jess, I love your accent.


    I've always loved "JASON!" from heavy rain.


    I just made a Jill Sandwich last night.


    ....I hope this is not Chris' blood


    omg Jill sandwich lol.. what were they thinking, the acting is soo bad..

    btw I like Jess' voice..


    "Jill! You're here, too."

    "Yes, you're here too?"

    I wish that line was more popular.


    Almost as classic as 'All your bases are belong to us' :D


    @Nikosnik123 You read the title as "Gaming Meme History" right? What were you expecting if you're not interested in this?


    @rgrambo Every single day, actually. She sits seven feet away.


    nice! btw do we have "Spoony bard" Episode too???


    what is wrong with the "master of unlocking" quote? does it mean something funny or it's just the horrible delivery of the voice?


    @LinsnowX The full line is "Oh and Jill, heres a lockpick! It might help if, YOU, the MASTER of unlocking take it with you."

    Its just pure cheese!


    @LinsnowX I also don't get the popularity of this quote. What would have been better? To say that she was a master AT unlocking things or what?


    @Jarlathazzard @LinsnowX It just sounds kind of odd. He says, "YOU, the master of unlocking" as if it's a title she earned for opening 500 chests. I half expect the name Jill to be floating over her head with The Master of Unlocking title being displayed beneath it.

    I have trouble imagining someone speaking that way unless out of humor. Normally they would just say she's good at lock picking or something.


    oh good i missed old jill valentine :((

    but i will see her again in resident evil revelations :))


    That clip of Resident Evil 1 with the laugh track was hilarious. I forget how cheesy the dialogue was.

    Voice acting sure has improved over the years.


    Damm i'm hungry now...