GameSpot UK Podcast - Music Special

Join us for a special episode of the GameSpot UK Podcast, as we take a look back at some of the best music to have come out of video games.

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    Kow Otani; such a brilliant job with the Shadow Of the Colossus-soundtrack. This soundtrack is amazing. I am going to go and vote for it NOW! :)


    The theme for The Last of Us (composed by Oscar Award winner Gustavo Santaolalla) is pretty good.


    Aerith theme is great and all, but I think "To Zanarkand" from FFX should get a look


    "It's hard to pick a favouri--"

    'Arcanum. The main theme to Arcanum.'


    Oh, and on topic. I always listen to game soundtracks; it's that and film soundtracks that I have on iTunes and almost every time I'm on my laptop, I'm always listening to something.


    Where in the UK is GameSpot based? As in, city; not address. I was just wondering. Or is it all the same, in San Francisco?


    The recognition for videogame music as classical pieces brings well deserved respect to the industry and the individual games and composers. If the music is that good it should be appreciated as a piece of art and the general public will slowly learn that there is beauty in videogames that they don't hear about while politicians harp on about violence in games.
    I'd like to see music from the Metal Gear Solid series gain more appreciation.


    As a massive fan of video game music. I listen to it while I am working. It is a massive part of the immersive experience of games

    I know the studios of every game I play and I do my research into other games that that studio has made if I don't already know some of the other things they have done. I would rather awards went to studios rather than to individuals. I feel that in development of games that the whole is a team effort. If there was an award for individual best level design I would feel fine giving the award to the individual or individuals that designed the level.

    One of my favourite music pieces that most people won't consider is the failed license test music/ duffman/ ouya music. Brings back alot of memories of failing tests in Gran Tursimo.

    As for the PS4 I predict a mountain dew and doritos dispenser.


    Dara O'Briain did a funny stand-up bit about videogames. He apologiesed (humoursly) to audience-members David Seaman and Peter Shilton who appearantly had no idea what he talked about the half of the show. He also talked about the fact that "no grown-ups play games" and had some funny bits about games like Metal Gear Solid 4 (Snakke? Snake??! SNAAKKKE!) and the Rock Band-series.

    I am pleased to see more adults take gaming seriously...or atleast as serious as me, and I believe that guy on the right is my new hero. I do believe that videogame music should be enjoyed by more people. Alot of people don't know how the medium has evolved and become more gronw up (Tom Mc Shea's article yesterday had some good points). Videogames present a fantastic interactive narrative with awesome music, emotional characters and great stories. Great pod cast.

    PS: Mark Walton needs to answer his GameSpot-messages :p