GameSpot's Buyer's Guide - PlayStation 4

Should you buy a PlayStation 4 this holiday season? Chris Watters breaks down the pros and cons of Sony's console including performance and exclusive titles.

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About GameSpot's Buyer's Guide 2013

A handy, bite-size buyer's guide for all the next-gen launch titles.

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I really want one but at the same time I feel like waiting isn't a bad idea… not sure what ill do yet


I am getting one for sure, but I completely agree with their analysis. I wanted to buy it ASAP to (a) vote with my dollars in support of Sony's new policies, and (b) help support Indies on consoles. As a primary PC gamer I am super excited about the potential of "next gen"! 


Loving the daylights out of my PS4.  

That said, the most entertaining games on the system are multi-plats.  I've burned through so many entertaining hours in Need For Speed: Rivals and heard so many great things about Assassin's Creed IV.  

Resogun is the must have exclusive for the system.  

As to the others, I really hesitate to recommend Killzone and I'm not really sure what to say about Knack.

The best thing about this console launch is that you're getting the smoothest and prettiest experience on the PS4.  It really seems developers already have a firm handle on the system's architecture and that's very promising for what the future may bring.  


Wait is a good suggestion, i got it based on what is coming out next year mostly, but felt it would be great to try out the new tech as well as the Vita functionality.

Also wanted to play AC4 on a console with the new controller and the best graphics, while trying out Killzone, then Resogun to keep me going, so addictive.

The Space level on Killzone gave me some next gen Dead Space vibes, found the start of the game boring but got into it now & enjoying it, hope to complete it tonight.