GameSpot Reports: Indie Game Development

GameSpot AU's Laura Parker speaks to Super Meat Boy developers Team Meat and the filmmakers behind Indie Game: The Movie about the highs and lows of indie game development.

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Posted by Tremblay343

There's something about phil fish's face that makes me want to punch it

Posted by simwil96

why is she wearing a baby blouse..???

Posted by airmanwilkins


I was thinking the same? Lost a bet maybe?

Posted by ppinc

Great short game but a bit frustrating sometimes when you struggle how to solve some puzzles. Certainly worth playing, check pc demo here << LINK REMOVED >> before buying though since it is one of these games that some love and the others hate. I believe there are also demo versions for xbox and ps3 (xbox live and ps network).

Posted by marshalmathers2

I'm not gonna lie to you.. I really like not wearing pants!!

Posted by marshalmathers2

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by dudusz

Nice piece! Good Work!

Posted by Count_MarCus

I am all for this

Posted by liam72

Great feature

Posted by ChewieOnIce

This is a really interesting article, especially for someone who is looking at becoming an indie dev themselves. I desperately want to see the movie.

Posted by Joedgabe

Nice video, that was actually really interesting.