GameSpot Presents: Now Playing - Starcraft II (Beta)

Starcraft II beta begins today, and we've got the latest look at the game in this special Now Playing.

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    This 2 noobs doesn't even know haw to spell StarCraft!! What a shame! They didn't even bothered to investigate how to use this game o something, saying nonsense like, mm creep just don't grow for a strange reason (without knowing how to make it), or like ohh the liftoff ability has to be investigated... I could make better the job of all of this guys with my hand tied to my back!


    you would think people that play video games for a living would be better, but they suck. Like, if i played that having never played it before, id still do better and own the both of them.


    zerg buildings kinda have a jello look n movement to them idk if i like that but thn again its a new engine compared to the original so thn again zoom makes this game way more fun to watch n get sidetracked inspecting the units


    i think the 3.7 bad on this guys shirt means how big of a noob he is at starcraft honestly he shouldnt be on this and i hate how he talks the most just kinda talking non-sense n making anyone who knows the game frustrated as hell


    got some gameplay for you guys. and yes i have a beta key. who wants to touch me? << LINK REMOVED >>


    Ive noticed some Protoss and some Zerg Avatars aren't animated. Obviously that will not be the case in the full game.


    is it a place I can download the beta?


    its one good and one bad thing about blizzard: the good thing is that they make awsome games, the bad is that they use long time on it


    Thx GameSpot, love it to watch this really. BIG ++ ( sorry for caps ),...Units sound same as in SC 1 :)...nice


    the noobity of these fools? research lift off? building in pathways? that is just horrible rts playing in general.




    These guys are horrible...I may not of played this game in years but I remember most of it. I do like how the movement looks so much nicer then in the first Starcraft it looks absolutely amazing


    Dear Blizzard, WHERE IS MY SCII BETA KEY IN MY INBOX Love, Murky the Marine


    starcraft 2 is a great game, but im disappointed in those two guys. we are waiting this game for 12 years and they dont know even the basic things. at least they could visit official web site for more info.. what a shame...


    this brings pure joy to me....finally watching some gameplay after 12 years in development cant wait for this


    Cant wait, i think blizzard is opting this game to be quite playable for a wide range of system requierements.


    You mean the 3.7 "Bad"? I don't get it .-.


    Lol anyone else notice kevin's shirt? I think he was making fun of himself.


    Looks great, I can't wait!!!


    I kinda liked the fact that they were noobish. It gave me time to carefully look everything over. Nice job Kevin and Stanley!


    Ah that just ticks me off that blizzard passes up the people who have played the original SC since its release in 98 and gave the keys to WOW, C&C players and people who never even played SC. ARG!!! game still looks sexy.


    Thanks for showing us one of greatest RTS sequel the game looks very good and I hope the game play will be as good as in original sc or brood wars.Now on to critics about players: First would be that you should have practiced,second 84minutes that's a very very huge amount of time in which you could and should have shown every last unit in beta and all of there spells and stuff ,third the guy on the left says he is semi pro but I play way better even tho I call myself a sc noob or just a bad player.Anyway again thanks for video I hope you make another one.


    I've just read an article stating that some people are selling their beta keys for more than $400! Any takers?


    They revealed partial system specs. For video cards they said at least 2.0 shader model, and 1 gig of ram. all they said so far.


    The game looks amazing. Definitely can't wait to play this for the next 4+ years...or at least until D3 comes out. Also trying using a different word other than "muddle". Isn't writing your profession? Go grab a thesaurus.


    when is comming out????????????


    Watching these two idiots is painful. The asain dude claims to be some huge fan and yet he sucks at build order and cant even put a decent force together, the other guy is mr "I play C&C and i dont know anything about starcraft" so why are they even letting you be there public image? your telling me of ALL the people that work for gamespot that a 100% newbie and two people who dont know how to play is the best you can do? and i sware im going to throw my speakers into the wall if he says "im just bumbling through it" again. On the other hand - this GAME looks amazing. I just wish we had a few people who knew what the hell they were doing playing the demo to give us an idea of how a REAL match looks.


    I'm not that into multiplayer, but it still looks good. I'm remember the original StarCraft as the best RTS ever, even as a singleplayer game, so I'm really looking forward to thins one. It is kind of a bummer they decided to split the game into three parts, but I'm hoping it means a longer campaign for each species.


    I think it looks epic. But to all you who keep bashing these guys because they don't really know how to play, just think about it: Maybe they chose to have 2 people who don't know the game well to show that it's a fun game for more people than just pro's. Besides, with these guys, they have to check out all sorts of units to try and play with, whereas if pro's did it, the match all stays in the first tier level, and thus doesn't showcase the bigger units.


    Not bad, just wish they had more time to get accustomed to everything.


    its done when its done.... :(


    Wow, the invite system is pretty neat. Wasn't expecting that, to be honest.


    This is one PC game I wouldn't mind checking out! If only we had a definitive release date :(


    I gotta admit, the game looks incredibly lush in detail for a game that doesn't have exceedingly high technical specifications. Marines looks fun to play. Good job Blizzard! And what's with the whole "these guys are total n00bs" comments. The video isn't there to showcase what kind of pros these guys are, it's to give you a hands-on in regards to the beta. The staff has to play other games, y'know.


    Yeah, it's Kevin-V! This should be fun. And that red Gamespot laptop looks awesome. Jealous!


    Blizzard will never disappoint they're fans ... even if they release a game in many years , they make sure that game is not a failure!!! I hope they release faster SC2 and D3 >


    gamespot doesn' t have two editors who can play an rts? SAD! Also, bald dude, making excuses for sucking so much is whack. own up to being a chump.


    movie length


    I agree - these guys look like they suck at the game too. I haven't played it for 10 years either but I could play it much better than both of these dorks together AND put on a more interesting show than this... painful to watch


    where i can find a beta key? to play starcraft.


    Theses two reviewers are horrible, Its like watchin monkeys f@%^ a football, lol. On a diffrent note GAME LOOKS GREAT


    Looks awesome, hope it comes out soon great job blizzard


    @ Jedi- If you don't like the site go somewhere else or get a magazine. Besides if your CPU is to crappy to run flash how can you even game?


    Get a new computer Jedi! If it can't run flash content, then it's about time you upgrade don't you think?


    ten minutes in and he only has 8 units? thats just sad... kinda makes it embarrassing to play as protoss... by the time i hit that point i couldnt watch anymore. btw... theyre called drones...


    NO NO NO did he just no no he said C&C is better than SC no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no just freakin no && i could pwn these newbs easy peazy like that lemon squeezey


    why did they have to release this footage on the night of the beta release? obviously they didnt really know what they were doing/what units were useful and where so wouldnt it have benefitted them and everyone if they; A-at least played the original starcraft before the beta came out, and B-had a practice match just to learn the basics


    Why does Gamespot even bother making these commentary presentations, just put the gameplay up, the current staff at Gamespot is incompetent at best.

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