GameSpot AU Presents Crosshairs September 25, 2008

In this edition of Crosshairs, the GS AU crew dissects Rock Band's Aussie release date, chat with Peter Molyneux, play with fire in Far Cry 2, and much more. Check it out!

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    fable 2 is the best.


    [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


    LOSE THE BEARD! :D And umm... Peter Molyneux is awesome, but he thinks waaaay to much about this stuff... :P The Transparency of the water when the sun hits the water, it just doesn't sparkle quite right... DUDE! TAKE A BREAK! Last point: OMG! HE'S DOING THE EVIL DOCTOR HANDS!!! Ok. Well that wasn't the last point...The games glitch was on purpose. It's obvious. I can see him doing it. Anyone else? Either that, or he's trying to cover up now and they may add something into Fable II that takes into acount cheating on the Pub games... :P


    For Fable-II stuff skip to 22:00 :D


    For every choice there will be a consequence... Fable 2 is going to be incredible!


    Fable 2. 9.8!!! for me!!!




    Far Cry 2 looks Awesome everything else just looks like Stuff that should have been released last year & looks not very creative,


    Gears of war 2 is dead to me, it's definitely going to be a rental game. The original does not need a sequel, it's going to suck. They should just add a patch to GOW1 that adds chainsaw duels to the game because thats the only good change they are making. I like to think of it like the Predator series, no matter how many Gary Buseys and Danny Glovers you put in Predator 2, it won't even come close to Arnold in Predator 1.


    why is gamespot gametrailer-ifying itself? they seems so similair now, except GS has a better forum imo but GT is way better in reviews and these things than GS will ever be now the GS golden age is over


    wow and i accually watching 24 minutes to see the fable II part and i was let down, BUT we all know that fable II is gonna OWN every other game, except maybe Gears of War II


    Peter Molyneux is awesome, im sure most people will agree that he is the kind of developer that we want, making the games we like.


    It looks good but nothing really jumps out at me and he says his car got stuck on rocks sounds like that needs to be fixed and running around for long periods of time will bore the crap out of me it looks like a great shooter but not something that makes me think its new or revolutionary like gears2 Fable2 or Resistance2 I need something that stands out of the crowd it looks good but with other great titles this might just be a rent. P.S. that guy who played FC2 is creepy.


    This show is terrible compared to on the spot. It lacks emotion and it feels like it takes forever, because they talk like robots. Jeeze. And the interview with peter was already written down a week ago. The exact words.


    In my opinion Far Cry 2 is a more awaited sequel than Fable 2(remembering this is my opinion). I think Fable 2 looks really ...boring. The goods are the Good and Evil pathway but everything else doesn't appeal to me like it should to a gamer. Far Cry 2 on the other hand has 50km2, Realistic physics and life like environments, Weapons that rust and jam over time, Healing yourself or repairing your car, Over 30 weapons, Better Graphics and so much more. I guess though it's because I'm more of a shooter fan than RPG but Far Cry 2 is definitly worth spending your money on(still remembering this is my opinion).


    I have to say but farcrys the best looking this year by far than any other gameon the console and im pumped.... cant wait for gears, fable, fallout and shaun white, also thaat mirrors edge has some dope stuff in it...


    i think the wii should have new games like fight night round 4,mario party9,rugbeleage3,race driver4,star wars batle frount 4,metroid 4,GTA 5,WWE day of reconing 3,WWEwrestlemania 25,lego star wars 4,lego harry potter,lego lord of rings,lego spider man,Resident Evil 5,rayman raving rabbids 3,point blank 4,Age of ampires 4,Medal of Honor Heroes 3,Manhunt 3,fable 3,saint row 3,far cry 3,fallout4 and much much more


    [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


    Goonies!! Cool!


    Awesome show as always.


    Ditto 69WoG_BoY69 he sure is a interesting guy. After watching some of the Fable ll footage its not hard to see just how passionate he is in all aspects of his game. The Art direction is amazing and the sheer amount of work that would have gone into the Fable world Engine i can't even begin to imagine. Fantastic interview. Thanks guys 8)


    i think its great that a developer can admit that his game has flaws and that proves he has faith in the game i believe peter molyneux is a great developer and i have lots of faith in fable 2


    haha @ 10:22, "he got shot, he was a great friend..."


    that guy who talks about farcry 2 was really scary looking and that girl seemed quite uninspired. The other two guys were cool though and the guy who talked about Fable 2 had some interesting things to say.


    it still will be good even with the bug just send us loads of updates its a shame that some of the online features have been delayed so late on in the process make it seem that its not inished although it still will be good again


    I find it strange that he is actually admitting (even before release) that fable 2 has issues... that worrying. I don't care how many bugs it has I'm so hyped for fable 2!


    Randolf reigns supreme on the red chair. GJ GSAU I have to agree with peter moore about rare though. If you think about it Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Its Mr Pants on GBA where the 2 notable releases from Rare in that era. Oh and a remake of Conker soon after. They absolutely stayed behind when the indusry moved on from 3d platformers.


    Stupid video. doesn't talk about Fable 2 until the end. Oh and DeadlyOnez he is not an albino because he doesn't have pink eyes. He's a zombie. Stupid zombie. Oh and i am also a fan of dragonball z


    Atreyu606 he has albino skin pigmentation. Put the controller down and go out once in a while. I'm a hardcore gamer but even I need some time for fresh air.


    Peter is a true gamer at heart.. If given the resources I bet he would make a game so extravagant! Peter been known to push a console to its limits. He did it for Fable and he has done it for Fable 2.


    for some reason, I can never watch this show. It might be too long for my internet


    fable will be ace!!!!!


    molyneux seems excited for Fable..


    The Far cry preview is at 8:16mins in. enjoy :D


    gizzy82, lol thankyou!


    Whats with the guy who talks about Far Cry 2 and Socom?? he looks like hes dead!! lol


    Who are these clowns ... get a real job. As for Farcry 2, it's looking good.


    far cry 2


    Great Show Today


    love the words peter uses :3


    peter moleyx (i dunno how to spell it) is sooooo boring and i swear i read that interview like a week ago.


    Greatness. Farcry 2 is awesome. I can't wait for the release.


    far cry 2 for me


    Far Cry does sound like a title fit for a game set in Africa. Ofocurse its a compleetly different game so the title was mostly used to cash in on FR1's success. I'll definatly get the game regardless of the title but it will have to wait for Fable 2.


    Farcry2 is the best game ive ever looked at


    Why is this show opening up the xbox tab

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