GameSpot AU presents Crosshairs 12 February 2009

Love is in the air in this special Valentine's Day edition of Crosshairs! In this show, we check out UFC 2009 Undisputed, let slip the dogs of war in Empire: Total War, and see what Vin Diesel is up to in The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. Plus Laura gives some love advice in the debut of our Ask Laura segment!

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SCARY BALD GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


.. and another thing.. how do these people manage to be nerds with no lives yet know sh1t all about the games theyr previewing?


as an aussie i wonder how these people got chosen for gamespot au.. maybe CNN wanted to choose people as american as possible thus all accepted applicants must be below a certain iq


Empire: Total War Awesome, Absolute Stunner. I am more Astonished than My Mom during my Birth. I am serious.


the bald guy looks like sloth from the goonies SLOTH!!!!


The part on Empire total war starts at 16 minutes, 15 seconds (16.15) and runs to around 26 minutes. Looks awesome. Multiplayer campaign and fleet battles! I hope guns at range wont be the only way to win battles on this. Although you could always hide the mass of your troops down a hill like the battle of Waterloo. Napoleon will be born into English territory.. i'll make sure of that ;)


At 18.15, it looks like the battle of TRAFALGAR. If this is the case, then that one misson alone is going to be worth every cent!


lol neo!


i dont like how he calls us "kids"


good show , shut up u non aussie people


people, i cant take it anymore it looks too cool, naval battles i cant wait really


lol me too. Empire was the only reason to watch.


lol, i just fastforwarding to empire total war, screw everything else. I miss Kasavin and co. The new guys at GS suck


OMG finally naval battles! Can't wait!


did they just tell a 20 year old to ask a 15 year old out?


You guys are all just jealous you arent working for gamespot. Yes, they may be alittle magooish, but hey your not on camera.... TW ROCKS!


wow there dumb lol, But empire is going to be amazing.


I LOVE CREATIVE ASSEMBLY!!! I really don't know many other company's that are willing to say: "Hey listen we know we said we would release the game at blah blah.. but we decided that it would be best to delay by a month.." JoJo, where have you been? Game companies do and say this all the time. They make disappointing you so much nicer with a few carefully chosen words. Whatever their intentions, a delay usually is in your best interests, and in the company's as well. What sets them apart is their ability to limit delay to merely the promised amount, in this case, a few weeks, nothing more.


Empire is gonna kick but in so many ways, unlike DOW2 which was a HUGE let down.


Omg if they threw a stone with their eyes blindfolded they would probably hit beter girl! Get me that chick from Assassins Creed to speak about love, not this boring frog!


did that woman just tell a 20 year old dude to ask a 15 year old girl out who he met on the internet? you aussie's need to get a grip. plus those presenters SUCK more than the guy from PlayR who sends me to sleep everytime he talks.


They should really scrap this program, it's worthless...they don't deserve their paycheck to be honest. It's really not worth watching. Anyway Empire: Total War will be great can't wait for the demo!


"If we make naval totally realistic, ships can't move if they sail into the wind so we've made some leeway" Realistically ships can sail into the wind. You just need a different set of manoeuvre.


[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


its cool they are covering two of my upcoming game buys in one show


A. That was kind of embarrassing.. With the stupid love advice.. B. I LOVE CREATIVE ASSEMBLY!!! I really don't know many other company's that are willing to say: "Hey listen we know we said we would release the game at blah blah.. but we decided that it would be best to delay by a month.." I say take another three as long as the game is perfect when it is released. Same gos with the multiplayer So keep up the great work CA!!


Sorry but the gamespot guys so called commentary must have been a joke, what are kids learning in history this days. Sigh....


"It's set between the 1700's and the 1800's, so gunpowder's just been invented, they're still learning infantry tactics..."?!?! What a moron.


“New Zealanders who emigrate to Australia raise the IQ of both countries.” Muldoon


Im glad im not on their IQ level. must be low standards in AU's Gamespot.


this will be the best Total War game yet.


I would kill for Empire Total war... and for their total lack of historical knowledge they might just make the list... j/k lol


I can't wait to play "Empire Total War" and the sea battles will be a very cool new thing for the Total War season! But I wish we saw more of the battles and not just clip. Oh and you can Canons and guns in Medieval II Total War, so dont say this is the 1st one to have them! lol Over all Empire Total War looks to best in the season seens we saw Rome Total War! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :- )


omg within 1min of the empire segment you realise they know nothing! cant wait for empire


errm, please read some basic history on the time period before yapping about it for 10minutes. Some of the things said in the ETW segment were flat out wrong.


Didn't like the preview much, the screenshots during the interview with the Creative Director were very cool though. Empire is going to be great!


great stuff about Empire, always nice to see mark too.


Empire is at 16:08 :)


[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]