Gameplay Video Doom 3 BFG Edition - Welcome To Hell

Gameplay from a trip to the Hell Dimension from Doom 3 BFG Edition. PC version.

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Still a great looking game with brilliant lighting.

Can't imagine how good Doom 4 is going to look!


Hi.  Looks great.  I have this game already though. For my old Xbox.  Finished it. Even tried the (nondescript) multiplayer mode a few times. Yawn!


Okay, so now (god knows how many years later) I can get now Doom 3 on my PS3.


So who cares?


'Remastering' started as meaning analogue tape sound recordings being converted to digital.  All I can see with this version of Doom 3 is the graphics being "Photoshopped" in some way.  By which I mean clarified (mostly manually) by teams of persons adding lighting effects and extra detail by hand so to speak. The game itself being no different from the Xbox (or, until now, any other) version.


Therefore, despite how good THE SAME GAME  OF TEN YEARS AGO looks on modern kit, please forgive me if I choose to wait another ten years or so until I can REPLAY this game on my iMac.