GameCrib: TSM Snapdragon - Episode 6 Shake Up

Follow TSM Snapdragon as they go to week 6 of LCS, PAX East Boston and make some changes around the house.

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    Dyrus is just a big teddybear. He made me cry..


    Dyrus is incredible. He was the only individual on TSM who told Chaox how he felt about Chaox leaving. That takes serious courage. Moreover, he was emotionally available enough to cry, not only in front of his teammate, but before the entire world. Dyrus, you're the silver lining in this difficult situation. Keep doing you.


    The issue is not in game, but outside game. Chaox wasn't being responsible and taking risks for his own personal benefit. The issue with this is that a team is a team and Chaox wasn't seeing that. He didn't realize what he did was childish and could have a negative impact. Granted Regi and Chaox had issues but in the end I feel it was the best decision. One person can ultimately destroy a team. This isn't a game, this is their job. They have to put in the same effort otherwise the team will fail eventually. They need a player who will be dedicated to the job and is reliable.


    When Regi yelled at Chaox like 3 minutes in at their house, it sounded like he was crying. Was he??


    The whole way the situation was handled sucked I think that if Regi was man enough to jut bench him and tell him don't do it again would've been acceptable but no he had to just replace him and put each of the players in the hot seat and make them make a decision individually instead of a team doesn't show much leader like qualities


    The feels..


    I think kicking Chaox was slightly personal. In a work situation there are always some kind of warning before the guillotine. Saying "that's messed up" is not a warning in any way. Benching Chaox would have been a great and realistic warning of telling him to pick his shit back up and he most likely would have bounced back and put that 110% in. Honestly for TSM to improve, they should sub each of the starters once and reflect on what is different, what they could improve, what they different playstyles they could implement, and be come better in general


    What you Guys Dont understand is that This is not just a game :S, This is there Job, They Get Paid to play this and, Losing Tournaments e.c.t Deficits there pay. So What Chaox Did was out of order, And not to mention he didnt even apologize, Doesnt matter how good you are you shouldnt be allowed to Mug of Any1 Like that, Especially Your own team.


    Nothing sadder than man tears :'(


    Sadrus Makes me wanna cry D: He always so happy and then seeing him cry


    Imo Wildturtle played well in that tournement but didnt dyrus do the same? dyrus messed up a few times in games but they moved on but when Chaox does it they make this extreme move because Wildturtle played well in a few games Chaox on the other has experience and they never complained before about him farming more CS over harras


    You don't know the situation, Regi even said that it was personal, not his in game play really, just how he went out drinking the night before a game and came in late twice, it was basically regi just saying that he owns the team and if he doesnt like you then he will kick you off the team.


    i want chaox back! TSM is never gonna be the same :(


    Sadyrus makes me sad.


    fucking regi


    I don't know if it is that where i live we have a culture where "touching" is somethng common as hugging and stuff, but from regi and xpecial it felt so cold, regi felt like some guy firing his workers rather than a bro that's been living with you for 2 years leaving probably forever, idk feels kinda weird that he says tsm is full of bros we're all friends and you give him that goodbye, same with xpecial, he didnt even look him in the eyes and was like yeah, aha, like someone leaving to the grocery store, i kinda understan regi as hes the owner and manager so he has to be cold, but coming from xpecial felt like he didnt even care.


    I hope regi comes back and fucks tsm up in the ass


    Guys u may think that am talking about a lot of crap here but these are in my opinion the reasons why chaox got kicked.

    1. Even in between games u could listen from the casters that chaox was underperforming they were talking about his positioning and stuff like that and these people know what they are talking about they didn’t say "chaox sucks" ofc he doesn’t but the fact that he cant reach that 120% of gameplay makes him weak in frond of the rest adc.

    2. Chaox couldn’t communicate with regi it was obvious we all saw it even in video, imagine what is going behind the cameras

    3. Chaox was constantly late in practice even in professional events witch that was the excuse in my opinion to kick him from the team

    4. All the playes in TSM voted for this and the "yea... i like that.... but ... u know that is good..." way of talking seams to me more like they didn’t want to heart their friend (chaox) we are talking about 2 year friendship here, so i don’t think they got forced in voting turtle by regi witch some of u may think.

    Btw I don’t like regi and am on his side on this, so u can imagine what i had to go through to evaluate his decision ^-^


    @Grakiss why can't everyone be as thoughtful as you. I appreciate your poost


    Dyrus cant make up his mind, no on can.

    One thing i like about turtle is his portrait in the LCS is very bright and happy


    Chaox admitted on his stream that he had lost focus and that regi made the right decision for the good of the team, so fanboys quit your b!tchin. If Chaox acted like this on any other team, he would've gotten his a$$ kicked off long ago. I mean dude, you're at one of the world's biggest e-sports arena, MLG Dallas, and you decide to go out and jerk off at 1AM and not return until 6AM?!?! Then you show up 2 hours late for practice?!?! DAFUQ u thinking bruhhh?!?! And he had the nerve to make excuses and not apologize to his team?! Good riddance bro, all you had to do was show up on time or just apologize to your team mates, now you lost one of the best jobs on the planet and some mediocre sub took your spot. PEACE!!!


    @stvnceworks For real bruuh you show them whats up bruhh. PEACE!!


    While not the most eloquent of executions, I believe in the short term, Reginald has made the best decision.

    Remember, just because Chaox has been kicked does not mean he cannot return. Allow time to heal the situation, and enable the cooler heads of post Season 3 to enable a revaluation of the situation.

    As it is, it still rends us more than we, or they, be willing to admit. Stand strong, move forward, and make Chaox proud.


    For verification, I am a fan of TSM, and against no body, even Regi. I don't expect anyone to agree/disagree with me. I just want TSM to understand better what it is like to be a team leader/manager.

    As a manager/team leader, you don't go out in front of everyone, especially your team, and arguing with your teammate, that's too personal. That's just show that you're not mature. Professional don't show emotion in business.

    Also, it is true that one is owner of this team, but that doesn't make him the manager of the team. In order to call yourself a professional/manager, you must either have a long term experience, or a degree. Therefore, please don't call yourself a manager if you have none of the above.

    One's cannot fire somebody when they don't have a policies/guideline. Where is TSM rules? Are they written down and everyone sign it? If one's base on emotions or momentum rules that he/she make up to fire someone, very dysfunctional company.

    Once again, I hope I didn't get anyone flip the table because of this. The deal is done. We can't change it. We just have to excepted and move on. Either support them, or just leave them alone. It take talents and courage for them to build a team like this.

    Chaox, Good luck in life. Everything happen for A reason. It is your attitudes that make you success, not the situations.



    Just saying that if you are gonna kick a person off the team thats been there from the beginning you could have atleast had the balls to look him in the eye when you did that. If thats the type of stance you take with your business its gonna fail.


    pretty fucked up that he had to leave that day, I wonder if turtle is gonna handle the pressure, I mean he did well last week but let's see how he does this one. I was thinking they would just put chaox as a sub for a while.


    What was Dyrus saying when he was crying??


    @iheartdustin He said that out of the others on the team, he (Chaox) was the best friend.


    just how late was chaox?


    @DoubleDeluxe He wasnt late just once, the most recent one he was two hours late.


    a bit of a risky decision kicking chaox off the team don't you think!??


    I do not think what Regi did was in the best interest of the team. He replaces a key player of the team in the middle of the biggest tournament of the year on the only basis that their replacement did well in 3 matches? I might also add that those 3 matches were against Complexity, MRN and a struggling CLG.

    They havent even tested WildTurtle against the big guns like Dignitas or CLG.. What it doesnt work out? They dont have a subsitute ADC now that Chaox is gone. I understand that the behaviour of Chaox is unacceptable at MLG Dallas but I feel Regi rushed his decision to kick Chaox off the team instead of just keeping him as a sub for a couple more weeks until WildTurtle settles in with the team..


    @LuckyStrike2886 Looks like you should be eating your words now... TSM is #1 in NA and looking stronger than ever. Regi knows what he's doing. Chaox was underperforming/unprofessional and deserved to be kicked. gg.


    @LuckyStrike2886 seriously that stupid regi should be kicked off the team everyone alse in the team is so fucking cool man dont you agree this regi man who the hell does he think he is wtf?


    @LuckyStrike2886 well they did vote on it, dyrus said wildturtle, xpecial was with wild turtle and so was theoddone.


    @pop_yoo @LuckyStrike2886 They did yes.. But none of them were sure... It looked more like they did becauce Regi wanted them to.. Either way gamecribs is not the best way to judge their feelings and I doubt they will talk about it in their streams too...


    Removing Chaox was not a good idea. yes WildTurtle makes things right and he knows the champions well but players that know a champion will never be better than a player that knows his teammates

    Yes Chaox makes things wrong but with that punishment he would be ok again. that is what i think


    @NavNightWolf Sorry Wolf, but you sir are completely wrong in every regard of your post. Like it or not TSM is a professional team, and as such, each player is held to standards of professionals. It is not, nor should it ever be the "fans" who help make decisions regarding the team and it's business operations.

    Professional League of Legends competition is a business. The behavior exhibited by Chaox and the manner in which he responded to his inappropriate behavior were completely out of line. Any other business, he would have been fired on the spot. He was given the opportunity to apologize and own is mistakes, but he chose instead to pass blame and make excuses. There is no room for immature, carelessness in the professional world, no matter the profession.

    They clearly made the decision because of business reasons. Had Chaox not acted in the manner that he did, this wouldn't have ever been an issue. Clearly, TSM as a GROUP (not just Regi), feel that Turtle is the better choice for their TEAM, at this time.

    Regi's job as the owner of TSM isn't to concern himself with childish, trivial "hate" from the "fans." Rather, it is to do what it best for TSM's success, regardless of who does or doesn't like it outside of the organization.


    If you knew TheOddOne just a bit, you'd know that he's in fact deeply moved inside.


    My god. I shed tears. The fucking feels man. Dyrus and Chaox biggest men of 2013


    "I'm the rat" - Oddone
    Will we be seeing Twitch jungle :O


    Everyone makes mistakes and have their problems, what happened to chaox I do not know what it was but I see he deserved a second chance.

    When a player has a team this team is formed by a bond of friendship, respect and kindness ...

    From what I saw the one that showed these emotions was Dyrus.

    Chaox keep going do wat u can do and come back again :D


    awww man... havent seen dyrus so emotional in weeks


    If this decision is made after a month, it would make so much more sense, but in 3 days? It just has to be personal.


    @kembleqiao A month? Is this site littered with children? Seems most of you have zero concept of what a business is, or how a business conducts itself. They are professionals, as such, they are all held to a higher standard. What Chaox did, was completely opposite of how a professional should conduct himself with working. Yes, I said working. Playing League of Legends on TSM was his JOB everyone. Any other business, his actions would have almost certainly been met with termination after the 1st or 2nd account. He managed to screw around 3 times, before he was benched. It also wasn't 3 days. It was more than a week. It was discussed. A decision was made. The end.


    @Prophylactixx So would you have acted just like Regi did when he let Chaox go? If you would then you sir should just stay out of the business section. Regi didn't even have the courage or respect for him as a human to look him in the eye when he let him go. That proves to me that Regi did it for personal reasons alone and wanted to reassure himself by asking the other team members what they thought. He was looking for an out for his actions. If you are making business decisions at least have the proper etiquette as a manager/business owner to fire your employees.


    @UblaztheMad @Prophylactixx Clearly you have poor reading comprehension skills. Implying that I would "act like" Regi is completely irrelevant to what I stated. I did not attest to the manner in which Regi removed Chaox from the team. Rather, I simply implied that Chaox brought this upon himself.

    Even if this removal involved personal feelings, at the end of the day, Regi owns the brand TSM. Chaox was fully aware of that fact and could have easily avoided everything by showing up to practice on time and putting forth a little more effort. Or at the least, apologizing to his TEAMMATES (not just Regi) for his actions.


    is it just me or is that dude with the yellow sunglasses have a crooked face?


    What minute are Dyrus crying? :'(


    Alot of you are forgetting what these guys really are.

    Yes, they're talented professional players, but they're still really young; as far as I know, it's not like Reginald has had any sort of formal leadership training, or particularly much life experience.

    Comparing Reginald to experienced managers you might find in your workplace is rather unfair.

    If it were up to me, the Team Manager certainly would not be an active, frontline player, however.


    Chaox. :( CHAOX nooooo. :(


    TERA is going for free, neverwiner in coming, and Age of Wushu in April as well. No room for new games!


    Is this a pvp MMO? I was interested in it at first sight,but if is as pvp oriented as you say, then I had to say Age of Wushu does better much than this game.


    You guys say that Chaox changed and that he was all hunky dory after his bench, but what I saw was when he was talking to Xpecial that he was calling him a brat and calling him out on stuff ( It seemed really tense and not a good goodbye). This is the only reason I'm glad he got the boot, otherwise I would have kept him on the bench if I was team lead.


    @rayzter1 Remember Chaox hasn't seen these guys for a few days and now he's seeing them for maybe the last time. How often do you think TSM visits the rain man? He's trying to connect with his lane partner somehow, maybe kidding around a bit, acting like they were still good freinds. However Xpecial seemed to not engage with him, keeping his shoulders and knees turned away from chaox as he's trying to tell how he feels in his last goodbye. I think Xpecial will regret being so distant and closed off in his last moments with Chaox, instead of returning Choax's ribbing and giving him a reply. Not because it made him seem cold, but because he never expressed how he felt and communicated with his long time friend in the end.


    I don't know why people think Xpecial and Oddone didn't care as much as Dyrus, just because Dyrus cried. Everyone processes and reacts to situations differently. I watch Oddone a lot more than Xpecial so I can only speak to what I've seen on his stream, but I would find it out of character if Oddone cried. Oddone is always positive and joking around, so seeing him this somber and quiet shows me that he is just dealing with this situation internally instead of externally crying. It would appear that Xpecial is also dealing with things internally.

    The situation does seem a little shady, since it was mentioned that Oddone and Dyrus slacked at the end of S2 during the Championship and that Xpecial was late for the first LCS. However, Chaox was late multiple times to practices and LCS. It also wasn't until S3 which TSM started taking things seriously and talked about benching a player because of their attitude.

    It sucks, but every member of TSM knew of the possibility of getting benched if you weren't going to take S3 serious -- they learned from S2. So, if your team talks to you everyday of LCS about you being tardy to which you then you wander off with a girl instead of practicing with your team, you should expect to get benched. Chaox even said that the benching was to be expected. It would have been nice if Chaox could have stayed in the house, but no one has to deal with any awkwardness or fights because of this now. Chaox is a free man, so best of luck to him and whatever he decides to do.

    BTW, I made a comment on the last episode about the sound volume, and it is much better in this episode. Thanks.


    I think Regi's decision was complete and utter bullshit. Seeing how well Turtle performed in the matches must of swayed his opinion against Chaox a bit, because no way you can just bench a player like Chaox just to replace him anyways, he obviously knew what he did wrong and had ample time to think about his mistakes and how he can fix them. Chaox has been on the team for so long and he doesn't even get a second chance? So BS dude.

    When Dyrus started crying I immediately began to cry too, like, a lot. Words can't express the massive amounts of feels i felt, my eyes were like fountains or some shit.

    I hope to see Chaox back in the not too distant future, I don't see a reason why they can't bring Chaox back but still Wild Turtle live in the house as a sub (Curse did it with Rhux). But that's not my decision to make, I just hope this actually does bring the team in a positive direction.
    @Wild Turtle Give them hell, if you don't, I will demand Chaox's return! Mark my words.


    So SimCity 2013 shipped how many millions of copies, and only 8 million hours were played in the first week? Well, I don't have the official numbers, but it's something like the average person was able to play for less than 2 hours in a week. So a 92% improvement would imply that the servers are still horribly overcrowded.


    So ... Xpecial comes late and nothing happens. OddOne and Dyrus massively underperform at Season 2 World Championships, throwing TSM out of the tournament, and nothing happens. But Chaox fucks up for one week of the LCS, and still performed, but he got replaced in an instant.

    It was right to bench Chaox, Reginald did the right thing at that moment. However, Chaox wasn't given a second chance, or any chance whatsoever to prove he changed ater being benched. The fact that Reginald was so quick to get rid of Chaox leads me to believe that he did so for personal reasons, rather than attitude issues. We all know that Regi and Chaox didn't see eye to eye, but forcing a vote to kick him out after such a small conflict was unfair.

    It was shocking to see no emotion whatsoever from Xpecial and somewhat OddOne. After living with someone for so long, and playing alongside them, I would expect a little more respect. Dont get me wrong, I dont mean they shouldve been bawling their eyes out but a handshake and thats it? Huge respect built for Dyrus for truly caring about the decision and treating Chaox more like a friend then a liability. In that situation, Dyrus was saying goodbye to a friend, while Reginald and Xpecial seemed to be saying goodbye to someone they didnt care to see leave.

    I hope WildTurtle doesnt recive any unnecessary hate for being the replacement. He was just doing his job. Oubviously I'm still a fan of the team and definately rooting for them in the NA LCS.

    Thank you Chaox for being such an amazing and influencial player throughout your ESports career. Really looking forward to seeing you bounce back better than ever. Best of luck.


    @AvroArrows Dan has stated that Chaox was going to get another chance and wasn't even going to get benched in the first place and that reportedly Chaox blew his chances, he did say the cameras from gamescrib were off on that day, that may be why it doesn't appear on this episode.



    well, so far all we know is that Xpecial was only late once for the 1st day of season 3. But throughout season 3, it was mentioned that Chaox has been constantly showing up late for scrim practices and also for MLG Dallas. In my opinion, yes i do think the decision made by Reginald was rushed, but at the same time he just doing what he thinks is best for his company and i think Chaox did brought it on to himself. When he showed up late for practice and Reginald told him if you constantly show up late for work, you get fired, and Chaox responded with "Okay, fire me now." I was surprised that Reginald did not fired him on the spot. If anyone said that to their boss when they show up to work late, i'm pretty sure the boss will just fire you right away. Chaox's attitude has obviously changed, it seems like he's not taking it serious as he should be. And i guess Reginald's decision was so quick is probably cuz he knows Chaox is the problem for TSM but Reginald doesn't have another ADC to replace Chaox, but after last week's LCS, WildTurtle performed well and i guess Reginald thinks he's suitable to replace Chaox. So he asked his team to see what they think and they agreed with him, so he quickly replace WildTurtle with Chaox to solve TSM's problem.


    @TakataBride That was during an argument and during an argument you don't suddenly go submissive if you ain't that type of guy. I think that when Regi had brought it up when things weere a bit cooler, he would've gone soemthing like:"Yeah man, I will try to improve"


    @miku206 @TakataBride But Reginald and Chaox had been clashing alot because of their personalities and they both want to make calls for the team. In order to make TSM better, one of them had to be removed from the team. It makes sense that Chaox is being removed rather then Reginald since Regi is the owner of TSM and Chaox's attitude gave reasons to Reginald to remove him. For Chaox's perspective, yes it does suck, he was benched for a week and next thing he got kicked, but he did brought it to himself, he was benched for his attitude not his performance. On Reginald's side, he's just doing what's best for TSM, he knows him and Chaox are causing problem for the team, so once he found a replacement he replaced Chaox with WildTurtle. The earlier they put WildTurtle on the team as the starter ADC, the more time they have to practice and prepare for season 3 World Championship with him.

    i feel bad for both Chaox and Reginald, for Chaox, yea it sucks, after dedicating 2 years of his life for TSM, he was kicked from the team.

    As for Reginald, he's just doing what's best for his team/company, and now people are just bashing and hating on him. Replacing Chaox was also a decision made by the team, not just Reginald, but Reginald is the only one getting all the hate and while his teammates gets away with it even tho they were a part the plan.


    @ToxicTurtle7 @AvroArrows if u check my comments before and even u could noticed

    wasnt just regi that was upset whit chaox xpecial and oddbro wasnt too happy whit him either

    he just said that was he decision to chaox dont feel bad about the whole team kicking him


    @AvroArrows u are rigth dude

    agree whit u...

    i do think regi wanted chaox out of the team before that happend and he was waitng something to happend so he could captalize but i dont think what got chaox out of the team was the mistake that he did

    i belive that what got him out was when they where saying to chaox "dude u messed up, u got late so many times" instead of chaox accepting what happend a dealing whit it he basicaly just saying some retarded excuse.

    and that was crucial on that decision


    As Andy said, this decision was what he thought was best for his company. Whether right or wrong, Andy has the right to take responsibility of his company and decide the path that his company takes. The real world is tough people, feelings and success usually conflict with personal businesses such as this, especially when something is going wrong. In the end the decision goes to the owner of the company.

    Regarding their farewells, I believe saying goodbye is a matter of what you think is best. Having a quick and clean goodbye will help both parties move on faster. On the other hand, Dyrus's emotional reaction was heartwarming. Manly tears were shed at the loss of a brother, many people cried with him, including myself. There was nothing wrong with how any of them said goodbye, what's done is done, time will move forward regardless.


    did anyone notice when regi tried to convince dyrus to get rid of chaox he brought up that old argument when chaox said if you repalce me i'll leave, reginald has to know that people say things when there angry and don't mean it. right? o.O


    @itzcloberintime dude regi is a great leader, and chaox was bringing the team down okay.

    did u noticed that reginald when he was talking whit chaox he mad look like was his decision and not the whole team so chaox doesnt feel so bad about it ?

    thats hard to do and only great leaders can do ok now stop was a team decision and even if dyrus said chaox would be a 3 agaisnt 1 so it didnt even matter


    @Mathew755 @itzcloberintime I wouldn't call him a great leader more of a immature rat,

    not telling your team-mates to join and talk to chaox is kind of playground leading you don't want to feel like your bullying him out. as the manager its his job to anyway no way does that qualify him for any quality's of a great leader.

    there isn't even a captains role in league yet so all decision about play style comp where made by them altogether. only thing i can think of is shot calling but apparently hes calls lost them a few games in LCS meh.


    @itzcloberintime @Mathew755 u cleary doesnt like regi so thats why u are saying all this things

    but i tellu something i am a manneger and even if u dont like the person is hard to say "u are out, or u dont fit our group" and regi did taht saying to chaox that he was making the decision almost by him self was so mature and i dont think u ever got in a alike situacion before

    on the point that regi decisions cost some games, thats for sure but everyone makes mistakes waht make him good is that he accept his fault and get better


    i just feel bad for wildturtle now. He's going to get so much negative things said about him.


    you guys should bbe old enough to know everyone has different ways of dealing with lose, not everyone cry's.

    xpecail kind of left him out to dry the guilt was eating at him he betrayed his soul partner :O