GameCenter - April 24, 2013

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    You guys need to work on ur technical issues, such as mic volume and pre-air edition, the hosts are nice and they can raise up experience and a more friendly enviroment


    IF you want to be taken seriously, lower the microphone volume on the girl and the first guy. Way too loud and too much high pitch. Second, I'm assuming this isn't live so if it isn't you can edit out the mistakes. Also, the first guy is boring and totally NOT reading off of a script. I understand you guys aren't professional new casters but you are trying to be. So try to act/be like it. best of luck


    Great content and information from the presenters and the show format is good but the editing on this particular episode seemed somewhat.... absent! Surely Slashers re-go's should have been edited out? Just some constructive (I hope) feedback. :)